Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Purple leopard

Good morning! I have a quick post for you. Just another mani done in the past. Still have few manis left on my TO POST album.   

Leopard prints are so easy to do! No skill needed :))

Sorry for the really quick post! I'm off to the mall for some gift shopping! Have a good day!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Orange nails and orange walls

These nails were done during the repainting of our house. Our walls were painted orange, haha yes, annoying orange! But it looked good, eventually. Got used to it! And so I also painted my nails with the same shade of orange. I loved it! Which is unusual. :)

I used Caronia Sun Kissed. The photos are not color accurate. They appeared brighter than the actual.

I looooooooooove it! But I took it off after 2 days cause it annoys me at times. :p I don't know what's with orange. But it gets annoying.

Stamped it with zebra prints. And I tried the watercolor effect on my thumb. I didn't do it well. It was lumpy!!

That's it! Good night!

Christmas nails!

Goodevening! Can't believe my last post was dated last October 26, time flies fast! School and business kept me really busy. But that doesn't mean my love for nail art is gone, haha! For tonight, I'll show you a stamping a mani. It's simple and Christmas-y. I used Ulta brandywine and stamped it with my favorite white polish. 

That's it! I will be posting more of my past manis soon! 3 days to go before Christmas! Happy Holidays!


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