Sunday, September 30, 2012

Look: Leopard Print Makeup

Hello guys! I'm happy to be blogging again! School kept me so busy. I couldn't find time to edit pictures and post anything here. Glad to be back! Here is a makeup look inspired by a friend (Hello, Camille Cabrera!). I saw her picture wearing a leopard print eye makeup through Instagram. I thought she used eye shadow stickers at first. I was surprised that she did it manually.

And so I was inspired to recreate her look. If I could draw leopard prints on my nails, maybe I could do it on my lids too! I finally tried my ELF 100-Piece Eye Shadow Palette I won from ELF's giveaway. I used a shimmery gray/silver eye shadow all over my lids up to my brow bone. I'm quite impressed with the color pay-off! I used my HengFang eye liner to draw random circles and dots. HengFang liquid eye liner is  a great product with an incredibly cheap price! Only 30-35php!

I used Nichido Waterproof eyeliner in black as lip color and topped it off with a black eye shadow to give it a matte effect. I patted a silver eye shadow on the center of my lips to give depth and shine to my lips.

I didn't apply any blush so the focus will be on the eyes and lips. I just contoured my cheeks and nose using Ever Bilena's blusher in Earth.

I totally enjoyed doing this makeup look especially using an eye liner to color my lips. I might do another version again! 

Have you tried any animal-print make up looks yet? What do you think about this look? I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

God bless!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

100 Followers + Upcoming Giveaway

Hey guys! I haven't been checking and posting lately due to my demanding school requirements. It's finally weekend! Anyway, I'd just like to thank you for the continuous support and encouragement you're giving to me and my blog. I'm now at 100! Yay!

And as a sign of appreciation, I'd like to treat you with a giveaway! My first ever giveaway will be sponsored by Chic Cosmetics Manila. Thank you so much Reg! Are you excited about the prizes?

Some items from my online clothing shop,  Chicadora will be given away as well! Stay tuned!

I will post about the giveaway and the lovely prizes on the following days!

I really appreciate the time you're spending to read and comment on my posts! Thanks! :)

God bless!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Lovin: Fall 2012 Makeup Look

The final part of September Lovin Collaboration with Michelle of All About Being Glam and Michelle of Micmic's Corner has finally come! Not that I'm looking forward to the end, I just cannot believe how time flies so fast. Just a few days away from October!

If you haven't checked the first, second and third part of this collaboration, please do so! September Lovin: Introduction, Disney Inspired Look and 500 Peso Makeup Challenge. We had a hard time thinking of what we should come up with for the last part. We settled for a Fall Makeup Look in the end because we thought it is very timely.

I did a little Google search about fall makeup looks. Among the makeup trends are mulberry/deep plum lip color and brown smokey eyes. I chose to do both.

Just a subtle brown smokey eye. The light washed out the true colors of my eye shadow. I used ELF trio palette (get the look set). I used the white eye shadow for the entire lid and the inner corners and a warm brown eye shadow for the outer v. I used my brown Ever Bilena eye pencil for my brows and that's it!

I used two different lipsticks for this makeup look. For the left picture, I used NYX round lipstick in Orange Soda which I had a hard time using. It's so creamy and settles on the lines of my lips. For the second picture, I used Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Jubilee Rose which has a deep plum shade. It is actually darker in person, the lighting altered the color again!

Looks like a bright purple shade, right?

To the Michelles:

Thank you for letting me join this collaboration. I really had a great time doing this challenge. I had a chance to do things that I wouldn't do out of my own initiative, the Disney Inspired Look for an instance. I was challenged to squeeze in making looks and meet deadlines as well. Nevertheless, I enjoyed! 

However, the fun is not the best part of this collaboration. Know what it is? It's the friendship I gained with you guys. We exchanged 2500+ messages over our Facebook chat. Andami no! This challenge pulled us closer. Yay! Thanks!

Looking forward for more collabs with you ladies!

Make sure to check out their versions as well!

Michelle of Micmic's Corner

Have a good night!
God bless!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shen's Addiction 4th Year Anniversary Contest Giveaway

Hey everyone! Ms.Shen's of, Shen's Addiction is celebrating her blog's fourth year anniversary through an awesome contest giveaway! She is one of the local beauty bloggers I really look up to. She's really inspiring! I admire her confidence and the effort she gives in her blog posts. Her passion in beauty blogging is really evident in her blog posts, agree?

Get a chance to win super awesome prizes by joining her giveaway!

Here's how:

Answer this question:

How did Shen's Addiction Beauty Blog
encouraged you to explore beauty?

You know what's the best part about it? She'll take 10 winners! 

For further instructions, please click here to be redirected to her blog.

Let's join? 

My Sister's Prenup Shoot + Meeting Ana Victorino

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and her boyfriend had their prenuptial shoot. She asked me to come so she would have someone to assist her during the shoot. When I knew that she got Ana Victorino's makeup services, I instantly agreed!

I kept a keen eye while Ana did my sister's makeup. She did a simple neutral eye makeup for the first look. 

She finished applying makeup in just a few minutes. So fast!

Some behind the scene shots taken by yours truly.

Look at all the mess!

The shoot lasted for two hours. While they were all busy, Ana & I had nothing to do but talk and eat. I asked her about makeup and blogging. From tips about blogging to her favorite beauty products. She willingly answered all my queries. Not the isang tanong, isang sagot type. She's so makwento! She also let me explore her makeup stash (pakialamera ang peg). I love her makeup brushes! Finally had the chance to get a feel of Sigma brushes. Oh diba, instant meet, greet and bond with one of the local makeup artists/beauty bloggers I look up to. 

AV is really approachable and kind. She willingly shared her knowledge about makeup and blogging. She's also very bubbly. Hehehe. I really admire her talent and skill in makeup application. So creative! Visit her blog. You'll be wowed by her makeup looks.

We headed to Moonleaf (ABS-CBN) after the shoot. On our way to Moonleaf, Ana kept telling me how good their french macarons are. I didn't know about it until then. Hmm, they tasted really good! I want more!

I ordered my favorite, Wintermelon Milk Tea (bestseller!), I think everyone of us had the same order. Satisfied tummy!

For more pictures, visit my sister's blog, The Happy Bride.

Who among the local beauty bloggers do you look up to? :)
Have a good night! God bless!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake in Organza

Before I totally hit pan, I'd like to share with you my current foundation which is Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake in Organza. I got this foundation several months ago as it is highly recommended by beauty bloggers. I wanted to find out why it gathered a lot of raves. Some even say that it can be a good dupe for MAC StudioFix in nc35 (i cannot really tell as I don't own one). Is the product totally worth the raves it's getting?

After 4 months of usage, here it is! I use it almost everyday.

The mirror is inconveniently placed at the back of the product. You have to flip back and forth when applying the foundation.

When applied:

I have tiny acne blemishes here and there. Can you spot them? I'm too lazy to apply concealer. My blemishes are barely noticeable after the application. It also doesn't give my face a white cast because it has a yellow undertone which I love! The foundation is specially made for Filipina skin!


You'll get a fair amount upon swiping your finger. See?

I swirled my brush once and this is what I got. One swipe is enough to cover my entire forehead! I prefer using my brush instead of the foam because it gives a lighter coverage.

I swirled my brush three times and look. It's a little powdery and messy but it's not a big issue for me.

What I like about it:
  • Packaging. I love its matte black packaging which looks really sleek and classy. 
  • Coverage. It has medium to heavy coverage. I use a powder brush when applying it on my face because I prefer medium coverage. It covers up my acne blemishes too. I don't need a concealer when I use this. A little goes a long way, very matipid.
  • Staying power. It has a great staying power. Lasts up to 6-8 hours depending on the weather. 
  • It has a good oil control.
  • It's available in different shades. From lightest to darkest for different undertones (Silk, Satin, Duchess, Organza, Chino, Orleans, Rajah, Fantasia)
  • Application. Easy to work with. Foundation is so smooth! 
  • Affordable. Your 399php is definitely worth it. 
  • Availability. Widely available in Fanny Serrano Counters located at SM Department Stores/Watsons

What I don't like about it:
  • The location of the mirror which makes it inconvenient to use. I don't like flipping back and forth. No big deal, though.

If you are looking for a good quality foundation that has great coverage and staying power for an affordable price, this is definitely for you! FS foundation is perfect for Filipina skin tones! I love this product but I'm still in search for cheaper alternatives. Suggestions?

Where to get:

399php at Fanny Serrano counters, SM Department Stores/Watsons

Have you tried Fanny Serrano 2-way cake before? What do you think about it? What's your favorite foundation? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great night! God bless!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Lovin: 500 Peso Makeup Challenge

Hi guys! If you have been reading my recent posts, you are most likely aware of the collaboration I participated in with Michelle of All About Being Glam and Michelle of Micmic's Corner. If you want to know more about our challenge, please read September Lovin: Intro. By the way, this is the second leg of our challenge. Our first challenge is Disney Inspired Makeup Look. Check out my Disney Inspired Look *Jasmine*

I assume that you're all familiar with the 500 Makeup Challenge since a lot of beauty bloggers have done this already. One is supposed to create a makeup look of choice using makeup products that would not exceed 500 pesos. Brushes not included! Doing this is actually challenging yet fun! I wanted to buy products that I'd still be able to use after the challenge.

Here are my picks!

#1 Foundation -San San Two Way Cake in #2|100php

I've tried this product before and I can say that it's good enough for the price. My shade is only available in refill version so I got it right away for only 100php!

#2 Eyebrow pencil - Ever Bilena Eye Pencil in Brown| 95php

I've always loved Ever Bilena's Eye Pencils! Creamy and easy to work with. I used this to fill in my brows and to contour my nose. Yay for multi-functional products!

#3 Blush On - Allue Pretty Cheeks in Peach Pie| 75php

I always go for peach/orange/brownish blush for my cheek color. Pink blushes don't suit me! I'm quite impressed with this product for its price. I might put up a review for this one!

#4 Eyeliner - Generic/brandless eye liner| 30php

I think this eyeliner is of the same quality as HengFang liquid eyeliners. Smudge proof and easy to apply! I'm impressed! I didn't get any pricey eyeliner because I'm still at my learning stage in lining my eyes. I have a love-hate relationship with eye liners.

#5 Eye shadow - Qianyu Shimmer Palette| 55php

When it comes to cheap eye shadows from China, I go for Qianyu because for its superb pigmentation! What I don't like about this eye shadow is it has too much shimmer making it difficult to blend.

#6 Lipstick - Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream # 510| 35php

Really gorgeous shade. If not for its super strong staying power, I'd love this. 

The total cost of the products I bought is *drumrolls........390php! Yes that cheap! 

And for my makeup look, I came up with something that can be worn from day to night! 

I used the off white eye shadow from the Qianyu palette all over my lids and applied a little brown eye shadow on my outer v. Very subtle, right? To make my eye makeup a little interesting, I added a wing tip eyeliner! 

And because I think I nailed the eye liner this time, I'll add an extra picture! I'm such a failure in lining my eyes, this is a rare moment! Haha!

I chose a vibrant lip color that I think would suit both day and night makeup looks. Would you agree? I love love love this gorgeous peachy/orangey shade!

So far, I'm quite pleased with my purchases. I believe I can still use the products mentioned above even after this challenge. A makeup look need not be expensive, right?

Please check out their posts as well!

What do you think of my picks? Have you tried this challenge? I would love to hear your thoughts!

God bless!


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