Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hearts ala Nailside

Nailside's one of the few blogs I always check for new designs. She's famous for her awesome tape manis. I really love her designs. They're simple yet really catchy. I admire the pictures of her manis too. Her finished work always look clean and nice. Just too perfect! :))

I was really into her cartoon hearts. They're so cute. She has a tutorial on cartoon hearts here. And so I made my own version.

Pardon the tip wear on my thumb! I used the same technique in creating the dots. I love how it turned out!
Thank you so much Jane for sharing your cartoon hearts tutorial! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pink gradient + stamp

Another quick post for today, here is a gradient mani, stamped!

I used three shades of pink to create the gradient. Then used a full image from my stamp. I wanted a subtle look so I used a white polish in stamping.

That's all! Have a good day everyone! 

OMG by Klik, swatched - Part 1

Good day! I suddenly remembered that I made a promise of swatching my OMG polishes on my very first post here on blogger. Check it out for some info about OMG polishes. CLICK HERE! I wouldn't make this long.

Onto the swatches!

MOJITO - This one is my favorite! I don't have anything like this in my stash. This is two coats.

Atlantis - a really nice shade of blue. Another favorite. Two coats.

Bikini - hot pink. What I like about this color is its already good in one coat. Really opaque! 

Sunset - dark orange. Not my favorite! Haha, but this is more wearable than the neon shades of orange. Two coats.

Banana boat - Definitely my favorite. Im currently wearing this color. I♥ yellow! I used a white polish as a base. Unlike other OMG polishes, this isn't opaque in two coats. It needs a base polish! 

Purple passion - the perfect purple for me! Two coats. The second picture is taken with flash. 

Done! However, this is only part 1. I still have few OMG polishes yet to be swatched. Watch out for the Part 2! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

24k 's Dazzling Colors

I'll be sharing two of my recent polish purchases - 24k's Dazzling Colors! These are local polishes available on Watsons and Department Stores. I bought mine for 38 pesos each. I bought two of their dazzling polishes - orange & purple. They also have one in green. I think they only have three. They are more commonly known as FLAKIES.

I found them very similar with the flakies by Gosh. Below is a photo from cookingchinchillas with Gosh flakies.

These are my polishes. I can say that they're great dupes to Gosh's flakies! I've seen in eBay that they're sold for around 7 USD which is about 350 pesos. Mine is only 38 pesos! That is why i really love local polishes ♥

I tried the orange flakies first. And here are the pictures. Sorry for the ugly cuticles! I really liked it!
As opposed to my orange flakies, I didn't like my purple flakies that much. They're hard to see! 


Look at this. I put it over different colors to test its "visibility" and to my dismay, they're hardly visible at all! Guess they'll only show over black. Below is five coats already. Hmm. They look blue. But they're really purple. 

There you have my flakies! :) Goodnight! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

An attempt on acrylic paint

Hello! This is a continuation of my previous post. I'll be showing you the lovely brushes I purchased from Fab Ur Nails Shop and the acrylic paint I bought from the mall. 

These are my brushes! They're tinier than I expected. They're also in pink, so girly! Just great :) This is a 12pc set which I bought for only 300 pesos (including shipping fee). I think this is a great buy. Other sellers sell the same thing for a more expensive price (12 pcs 380 pesos, shipping fee not yet included). The seller gave me a discount. She's so nice!

I also bought a set of acrylic paint at the school supplies section of SM Department Store. Couldn't find a set in National Bookstore. This is an ordinary set of acrylic paint. Ones used for painting. As you can see, they're only 239.75 pesos!

I was contemplating on buying acrylic paint intended for nails but I'm afraid I wouldn't put it in a good use. I'm not good in drawing tiny details or painting stuff either. Just really wanted to try out acrylics. Acrylic nail paint is a bit pricey for a student like me! Plus, I've read in some blogs that ones sold in the mall works just great. 

And so I bought and tried them on. The first picture is my first attempt on using these paint. I followed this tutorial on Youtube on how to make roses using acrylic paint. Pretty simple!

I used white and purple in creating the roses. Another amazing thing about acrylics is they can be mixed easily to get the shade of color that you want.

I enjoyed using acrylic paint on my nails! I will learn more techniques soon!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flowers and an owl

Happy weekend everyone! Before I leave the house for worship practice, I'd show you a mani where I used paper hole reinforcements. Paper hole reinforcements are used to make half moons. A nail tip guide can be a good alternative too! The cuticle area of your nail is covered to achieve a half moon mani.

This is how hole reinforcements look like. 
I bought mine from National Bookstore for 15 pesos, I think.

Johanne advised me that they are available in NBS, thank you sis! You are so helpful :) 

I used the following polishes for this mani: 

 I was really into Nail Nerd's designs lately. One of her designs served as my inspiration.

Paper reinforecements are big help!
 I used a detail brush in drawing those leaves. This is a freebie given by Johanne for my purchase of a 12pc brush set. I'll post about it too! She also gave me nail tip guides. Thanks again! :) 

These are the brushes I bought from Johanne. Check out her shop at Facebook, Fab UR Nails Shop
This would be all for now. Stay posted as I post the pictures of my brushes! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Green stained glass + tutorial

As I said in my previous post, here are the pictures of my green stained glass mani. :)

The polishes I used were these..My polish bottles look shabby. Haha! I used a two way nail art pen to create the outlines.

For those interested with how I did this mani, scroll further.
The picture on the left shows the initial step. Randomly make irregular and connecting shapes on your nails. You don't need perfect lines here! Have fun and be creative!

And then, fill in the empty spaces with your set of polishes. No rules in here too! Just go random.

Finally, redo the lines with your two-way nail art pen. A tiny brush would do too. Your end result would probably look like this

Good night guys!


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