Thursday, October 20, 2011

An attempt on acrylic paint

Hello! This is a continuation of my previous post. I'll be showing you the lovely brushes I purchased from Fab Ur Nails Shop and the acrylic paint I bought from the mall. 

These are my brushes! They're tinier than I expected. They're also in pink, so girly! Just great :) This is a 12pc set which I bought for only 300 pesos (including shipping fee). I think this is a great buy. Other sellers sell the same thing for a more expensive price (12 pcs 380 pesos, shipping fee not yet included). The seller gave me a discount. She's so nice!

I also bought a set of acrylic paint at the school supplies section of SM Department Store. Couldn't find a set in National Bookstore. This is an ordinary set of acrylic paint. Ones used for painting. As you can see, they're only 239.75 pesos!

I was contemplating on buying acrylic paint intended for nails but I'm afraid I wouldn't put it in a good use. I'm not good in drawing tiny details or painting stuff either. Just really wanted to try out acrylics. Acrylic nail paint is a bit pricey for a student like me! Plus, I've read in some blogs that ones sold in the mall works just great. 

And so I bought and tried them on. The first picture is my first attempt on using these paint. I followed this tutorial on Youtube on how to make roses using acrylic paint. Pretty simple!

I used white and purple in creating the roses. Another amazing thing about acrylics is they can be mixed easily to get the shade of color that you want.

I enjoyed using acrylic paint on my nails! I will learn more techniques soon!


  1. Thanks! Its pretty simple that's why its so fun to do!

  2. Wow!!! I will try this too. Is acrylic paint easy to paint (me so naive!) Ay basta try ko to hihi....

  3. I actually use like 45mL tubes of acrylic to my nails because I think it's cheeper than Pebeo.. (and because it's also useful for me 'coz I'm a painter LOL) but i think they're hard to remove! D:

    1. Yes I agree, they're heard to remove! I have to scrape it off my nail pa!



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