Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Daily Makeup Must-Haves

Makeup application can be quite overwhelming sometimes. There's just so much to apply - primer, concealer, liquid foundation, contour and highlighting powder, eyebrow pencil/powder, lipstick, lip liner, blush on, eye shadow and the list goes on. You may have a lot of makeup products in your stash but only a handful makes it to your daily must-have list.

As for me, I only have seven. Yes, seven! Quite a few compared to the first time I got hooked in makeup when I wanted to pile up everything on my face. :p As time went by, I learned to simplify my makeup routine. Less is more! Below are my current makeup must-haves which is dominated by Pixy. 

1) Foundation | Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake in Honey Beige - light to medium coverage, 3-4 hours staying power, perfectly matches my skin tone. Review here.

2) Eyebrows | IN2IT Eyebrow Powder - The best eyebrow product for me because it has three shades. You can go from light to dark. The product also doubles as a contour powder.

3) Eyebrows | Etude House Easy Brow Pencil in #2 - I'm already on my third pencil which is enough evidence that I really love this product. It's got the perfect light brown shade for me.

4) Eyeliner | Milani Eye Tech Extreme - Long lasting, pigmented, fine felt tip. It's the closest eyeliner I've got to the famous K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner for a fraction of the price. Availability is the only downside of this product. It's only available online. See my review & comparison here

5) Eyeliner | Pixy Eye Liner - I use this to line my lower lash line. It is pigmented and easy to apply but it fades and smudges after a few hours.

6) Blush-on | Pixy Blush-on in Carnation Bloom 06 - Peach/coral shade with micro shimmers. No need for highlighters!

7) Lipstick | Pixy Lasting Matte Lipstick in Pink Smoothie - Peachy pink shade with matte finish. It goes on creamy when applied but dries matte.

Swatches from left to right: Pixy foundation, Pixy blush-on, Etude House brow pencil, In2it brow powder (lightest shade), Milani eyeliner, Pixy eyeliner and Pixy lipstick 

Aaand here's how I look like using my daily makeup must-haves. I'm loving peach/coral shade lately because of the soft, girly look it creates. I'd probably stick to my must-haves for a while because they're great finds! Affordable products that deliver great quality. I hope Pixy becomes available on local stores soon. Pixy, an Indonesian makeup brand using Japanese technology & ingredients was first introduced by BDJ Box in the Philippines. Read more about it here

So, there goes my daily must haves! 

What are yours? Let me know by commenting down below. I would love to hear from you!

"For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure." - Philippians 2:13

Goodnight and God bless!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

HAUL: hbc products

I am always grateful for weekends because I get to do my hobbies. Beauty blogging is one hobby I think I'll never get tired of. There's always something new to discover. And, speaking of something new, I've got a bunch of beauty products from hbc. 

During the National Makeover Day Preview, each blogger got to take home a box full of goodies from hbc.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

NOTD: Revlon Colorstay in Buttercup

Product Description: 
Up to 11 days of lasting color (When worn with Colorstay base and top coats)
No light required

Yellow is such a happy, bright color. It has always been my favorite. So yellow on my nails, why not? Revlon Colorstay in Buttercup is light, subtle yellow. Buttercup is just the right name to it. It is inspired by salon gel nails to provide a long lasting colour and shine. The nail polish line has 30 shades to choose from. I can't wait to try other shades! 

I wasn't actually planning on posting this but it is really worth sharing. Why? Because the quality of the product attests to its name - Colorstay. Revlon says that it can last up to 11 days if used with Colorstay base and top coats. I don't have those so I cannot prove that. (Source: Beauty Haven, Revlon)

Mine lasted for 6 days until I noticed chipping and tip wear. Impressive, right? My average polish wear is only 3-4 days when worn without top coat. I applied 2 coats of Buttercup to achieve that shade. The consistency of the nail polish is such a breeze to work with - not runny nor thick, just the right consistency. It is also formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free, the three most harmful elements found in most nail polishes. Yay for that! Aside from its amazing consistency and long wear time, the brush is also a wonder. It has a unique double barrel brush that provides a smooth, streak-free application. 

Photos are taken six days since I applied the polish hence the fading/slight chipping. Cracks also appeared on the top part of my nails which is visible on the top photo. Now here's an OOTD to match my nails: 
Sorry for the #filter
Buttercup is such a sweet, sophisticated shade of yellow, I think. A great way to brighten up any outfit. Revlon Colorstay is included in the May BDJ Box: Summer Radiance. See my unboxing post. 

Revlon Colorstay is Php 325 available at Revlon counters in SM Department Stores/Watsons

My interest in nail polish has been rekindled recently. So, watch out for more nail-related posts!

Have you tried Revlon Colorstay yet?
What is your favorite nail color?

Goodnight and God bless!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake

I'm too glad to be seated in front of my laptop, typing for a blog post. It has been quite a while since I last wrote a decent product review. Finding time for blogging has been difficult for the past few months. But, as they say, If there's a will, there's a way! 

Product Description: This lightweight powder refill is clinically tested not to trigger blackheads and is enriched with natural extracts and antibacterial kanzo, making it suitable for oily skin. Feel free to swap it inside the Perfect Fit Compact!  

I'll be sharing with you my current foundation - Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake in Perfect Matte. Pixy is an Indonesian makeup brand, by the way. This product has been a staple in my makeup kit ever since BDJ Box introduced it last April. (Check out my April BDJ Box.)  Shade, finish and coverage are my top three criteria in choosing foundation and Pixy Two Way Cake perfectly fits my criteria. Why? Read on!

Shade: Honey Beige borders medium to dark shade with yellow undertones, perfect for a morena like me. It matches my skin color really, really well which is probably why I love the product so much. Shade is such a critical factor in choosing the right foundation. Wearing a foundation shade lighter than my skin tone is a big no for me. 

Coverage: Since it is a lightweight foundation, coverage is only light to medium. It cannot provide complete coverage to dark spots and acne marks. It does minimize the appearance of blemishes though especially when wet application is used. The lightweight feel of the product is great for everyday use. I prefer using lightweight foundation during hot and lazy days. 

Finish, texture: As the product name suggests, it is Perfect Matte! It blends out smoothly and looks very natural when applied. it is like my second skin, no kidding. The texture is smooth and silky - very easy to blend. 

Formulation: The product has a Two Way Whitening formula from combination of Natural Whitening Powder, Vitamin C derivate and Sunscreen (SPF 15). It is also oil-free and non comedogenic. While I cannot attest to its whitening properties, my skin is doing fine with the formula - no breakouts nor allergic reaction. It has a soft, powdery scent which I find pleasant. 

Lasting power: Now the downside that comes with its being lightweight is the lasting power. It only lasts up to 3 hours on me using dry application and barely 5 hours in wet application. I don't mind touching up, however. I don't think this product is ideal for oily skin. 

Price & packaging: Only Php 145 for 12g of product. Affordable, isn't it? As for the packaging, I'm loving how compact it is (because it's only a refill). I can easily fit in my makeup kit. BUT I guess it's really meant to be transferred to the Perfect Fit Compact (full packaging) because it got broken after a week's use.

When applied: Left photo is my face sans makeup. Dark eye area, pimples and blemishes are very visible. Right photo is taken after application of the product. It did minimize the appearance of my pimples and blemishes but didn't totally conceal it. I love how it looks so natural on me.

What I like: 

  • Shade. I'm saying it over again, it is a perfect match on me. I can highly recommend this product to morena ladies like me
  • Affordable. I honestly think that the product is worth more than Php 149
  • Finish, texture.
What I don't like:

  • Lasting power 
  • Powder easily got broken in a week
Where to buy:

You can get it at BDJShop
Overall Rating:

Have you tried Pixy products?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Unboxing May BDJ Box: Summer Radiance

I can't believe summer is already over. Days go by really fast! I didn't even had the chance to hit the beach. Have you?

Anyway, the May BDJ Box is full of beauty products that will give you radiance even if summer is already over. The box is tightly packed with so much products. It's heavier than the usual monthly boxes. So..shall we go check out what's inside?

Skincare: Godiva Lico White Whitening Lotion | Godiva Lico White Antiperspirant Deodorant | Dermal Sheet Mask | TooCoolForSchool Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

Haircare: Organix Hair Care Set

Others: Free Brassiere from Avon | 50% Off on Reshape Ultra or Caci Non-Surgical Face Lift from Dr. CRB | Revlon Colorstay Enamel in Buttercup & Rain Forest | Php 300 Add-ons for every mani and pedi from idonails | PAC Make Over Voucher | Php 100 Off from Bifesta | 50% Off from Lucido - L variants

I think I'll be able to use everything in the box. The sachet packs are very handy for trips. I am thrilled to try out the Hair Care Set from Organix! BDJ included enough packs for every variant. The coupons are really useful too - I want to have that free makeover from PAC.

A BDJ Box isn't complete without the stickers! I love how true the statement is - A Happy Woman is a Beautiful Woman!

I like everything in the May BDJ Box because of the usefulness of each product. As always, the entire value of the box is way more than the subscription fee of Php 580. The value of the box is around Php 2500+ excluding the coupons. That's how sulit your subscription fee is.

Get your dose of monthly beauty box surprise with BDJ Box!
July boxes are now open for subscription

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What do you think about the May BDJ Box?
Any product that you'd want a review about?

I would love to hear from you!

National Makeover Day by HBC: A Preview

The thought of makeovers always excites me. As a makeup enthusiast, I both love giving and having makeovers – new hair color and haircut, makeup, manicure and pedicure, name it! Getting makeovers is such an exciting way to welcome a beautiful change.

An intimate gathering with fellow beauty bloggers was held at Stacys BGC where HBC talked about the National Makeover Day. Yes, you’ve read that right. Let me tell you what happened during the event first before I go into the details of the National Makeover Day.

Delicious food was served before the program began. Fried chicken was my personal favorite!

Even the cupcakes match the white and pink theme of the event. How adorable!

 The event was organized and hosted by the ever jolly Kumi of LovingSunshine; Ms. Chi did a short welcome message while Drei who happens to be one of my best friends in college did a short presentation about The National Makeover Day. So proud of you, Drei!

L-R: Kumi, Drei, and Ms. Chi
After the short intro, we had a group discussion where we shared what Beautiful Change is all about for us. It was the most interesting part of the afternoon for me because I get to listen to the stories of fellow beauty bloggers. It is always wonderful to share insights with people who have the same passion as I have.

Photo by: HBC
The Beautiful Change that I experienced is about having the courage to wear bold red lipsticks. I used to be uncomfortable in wearing red lipsticks because I felt that it was too much. I felt that red lipsticks may only be worn in parties/special events. However, I am in the field of sales where I meet and talk to a lot of people everyday. I figured that I needed to look presentable and powerful especially when delivering sales presentation...and that's how I learned wearing red lipsticks. Wearing one gives me the extra confidence that I need.

Photo by: HBC
So, are you ready to say yes to a beautiful change?

The National Makeover Day will be on June 12, 2014 from 10:00 AM onwards at Trinoma Mall Activity Center and in all HBC outlets nationwide. Free services will be given - hair colouring & hair styling, facial and diamond peel, makeup makeovers, manicure, pedicure, foot spa and more! There will also be Personality Development Talks where practical makeover tips will be given. And oh, celebrity guests will be there to grace the event as well!

As usual, the day wouldn't pass without picture taking. More photos!

I think I'll see you more often, Drei!

Photo by HBC

Don't miss the chance to say yes to a Beautiful Change! 
National Makeover Day |June 12, 2014 | Trinoma Mall Activity Center

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Unboxing April BDJ Box; Pixy exclusive

Say hello to the newest makeup brand that has just arrived our shores, Pixy - an Indonesian-based cosmetics line. April BDJ Box gave its subscribers the first dibs on Pixy products, full sized Pixy products to be exact! 

The makeup brand ensures its understanding of our Truly Asian Beauty. Pixy is inspired by Tokyo beauty trends that us all about sweet, feminine makeup that highlights the best features of Asian women - beautiful, flawless skin, dramatic eyes, softly blushing cheeks and enchanting lips.

BDJ Box got us covered in achieving the Truly Asian Beauty look with three face powders, blush-on, mascara, three lipsticks and an eyeliner. All are full-sized!

Product list (left to right, top to bottom:

1. UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit Compact, Php 275
2. Ultimate Makeup Cake, Php 445
3. Colors of Delight Blush-On, Php 285
4. Colors of Delight Waterproof Volumizing Mascara, Php 295
5. Colors of Delight Eyeliner Pencil, Php 265
6. UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Matte Refill, Php 145
7. Colors of Delight Silky Fit Satin Lipstick, Php 245
8. Colors of Delight Silky Fit Semi-Matte Lipstick, Php 265
9. Colors of Delight Silky Fit Lasting Matte Lipstick, Php 325

I am surprised how the products are affordably priced ranging from Php 200 - Php 400 only. To me, the packaging suggests that the price range is similar to most Korean makeup brands with Php 800 - Php 1500. The packaging is sweet and girly which I love! I have yet to find out the quality of these products.

Watch out as Pixy products become available in our local stores soon!

For more information about BDJ Box, visit their Official Website.
For updates, like BDJ Box on Facebook.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Unboxing January-February BDJ Box

Hooray for new products to try out for a new year! As always, BDJ packed their boxes with products worth trying out. Change it up, the theme of the current box seems very apt for the new year. The BDJ Team simply encourages us ladies to be more adventurous in trying out new products and incorporating changes in our beauty regimen. Ready for the unboxing? 

Yes, that's a full-sized hair coloring cream from Garnier in Darkest Brown which I'll be using real soon.

At first glance, the variety of products inside the box seem fewer compared to BDJ's previous boxes but don't be fooled. I'll give you a closer look!

Hair Products:  Azta Urban Salon Coupons - Php 600 off Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Php 800 off for Cynos Nano Digital Perming, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo & Conditioner (15ml each/Php 1200 for 300ml), Garnier Color Naturals (100ml/Php 199).

Skincare: Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap (130g/Php 114), Tony Moly Skincare Revolution Kit - Tomatox Magic White, Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream, Intense Care Live Snail Cream and Oriental Gyeol Emulsion

Cosmetics: Revlon Nail Art in Supernova (7.68ml/Php 375), Ellana Minerals Lip and Cheek Tint (20ml/Php 220), Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara (9ml/Php650), Avon CC Cream (30ml/Php 699)

Coupons: Browhaus Free Brow Construction (Php 598), Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines (3 gift vouchers Php 500 each)

Now, isn't that a lot? I am especially excited to try out the hair products and the brow construction from Browhaus. How about you, what new products will you be trying out this year?

Hope to hear from you!

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God bless! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014

Belle de Jour Power Planner is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. The term Belle de Jour (bel duh zhoor’) is French fashion lingo for “It” girl, we have redefined it to mean the modern day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, while doing everything in great style.

It has been 12 days since 2014 started, how are you doing so far? As for me, I faced the new year with a new job. It is exciting yet very challenging not to mention, very strict with schedule. Anyway, I wouldn't talk about my new job here. I would talk about what has been helping me manage my time really well - BDJ Power Planner, nothing else! BDJ is well aware how difficult managing time can be that is why it is loaded with time-management principles. For complete list of BDJ Power Planner 2014 special pages, weekly layout features and monthly tools, click here.  

Gone are the days when I can enjoy a whole day lying around my bed, watching a movie or simply bum around the house. Everything has changed now. Every second, every minute is precious! I'm in a very fast-paced industry. We all are. Planning ahead and plotting daily, weekly or monthly activities helps so much. While doing so, no time can be put to waste. Trust me! It may be too late that I'm sharing this only now but, but, I just cannot not share this.

The first time I saw it, I noticed how smaller and less bulkier it is from last year's planner which is a great plus for me. I can now take it with me whenever I go out. Now, here are some of the features of the planner that I find important at the same time, interesting.

Daily & Monthly Pages: I simply love how spacious the daily page is. Aside from being a planner, I sort of use it as a diary page as well wherein I write the activities I did at the end of the day. The boxes below are handy for additional notes, too. I actually utilize the box as my outfit tracker. :p

Events Tracker, Cash Flow Tracker, 2014 Goals, #Choosetoshine: These are a few of my favorite features of the planner! With Events Tracker, I can now plot the important events easier - birthdays, anniversaries, parties, conferences, all in one page. Cash flow tracker which is a staple feature of BDJ Power Planners would be a great help too as I am planning to save up for some things this year. Goal-setting and #Choosetoshine or sort of like a habit page are both essential in developing/improving oneself. #meganon!

Coupons!!! A major bonus. Major may be an understatement with the free coupons that BDJ Planners always come up with. It is loaded with so much coupons!  

2014 BDJ Checklist: Will I be able to tick off a few? I sure hope so!

Stickers, BDJ Lifestyle Card, Coupon Storage: More bonuses! I felt giddy upon seeing the stickers - something to decorate with! BDJ Lifestyle Card serves as a membership card in attending BDJ events. I can say that BDJ holds the most exciting events with its informative talks, beauty brand partners and the chance it provides in meeting fellow bellas. 

BDJ has done an awesome job in crafting 2014's planner again. It just gets better and better, each year! BDJ truly knows what a Pinay fashionista achiever needs. More power, BDJ! 

It's not too late to get your own BDJ Power Planner. Go grab one, now! Visit BDJ Power Planner.
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How about you, what is your planner of choice? Hope to hear from you!  :)

God bless!


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