Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday Haul

Hi lovelies! I just turned a year older last July 16. Teen no more! Yes, I just turned 20! And before July ends, I will share with you my July haul! These are things that I got from people as gift (or not! maybe i force them a little to give me stuff) and some things I bought for myself. This is not too much! As much as possible, I only buy those stuff that I really need or will be useful to me.

Now let's proceed to the haul!

#1 88 Color Palette from Dollface (850php) which was given to me by my sister as a gift. Thank you Ate Ivy! (she has a beauty blog too, check out here

I love this palette! This is my first palette from DollFace. A lot of beauty bloggers use DollFace cosmetics in creating different looks. The talented Ana Victorino and  the famous Noe Mae of Color is my Weapon use DollFace. They're my inspiration!

A lot of looks can be created from this palette! I've created several looks already using this palette. Will post them soon! :)

Go check out DollFace Cosmetics! My sister bought mine from The Ramp, Trinoma.

#2 Flats from Ever Gotesco Commonwealth (250php each) Also a gift from a friend, thank you! The color of the flats in the picture looks brighter than the actual (probably because of the flash). The one on the left is actually mustard yellow while the one on the right is dark red. I love the color and the shine of these flats! These are made in Marikina so these better be sturdy! Go check these out if you are nearby the Commonwealth area, you'll be awed by the wide variety of colors available!  I had a hard time deciding what color to pick. I'm planning to get a blue pair soon! You can easily find their stall at the ground floor of Ever Gotesco because they're only the ones selling these.

# 3 Falsies and lash glue

5 pairs of criss cross falsies for only 75php, that's 15php a pair! Reaaaaaaaally cheap! I bought this from a store nearby our place which sells product from China (which also sells salon products and nail art stuff).  

Another one for only 20php. I bought this from another China-product-selling store nearby our place. Yes there are a lot of such stores here in Novaliches. Now you know where I live. Haha.

Lash glue for 65php. This is also available at Landmark, Trinoma for 99php.

#4 15 Color Shimmer Palette which I bought for only 100php! It is also a made in China. I bought it from the same store where I got my falsies. Buying unknown brands from China might be an issue for some because of the harm it may cause to the face. But this palette is working and I only bought it to have something to play with.

Really pigmented and shimmery! Will do a review soon. 

#5 Random palettes from my sister! i do not know the brand of these palettes. I believe they're from abroad. Not very pigmented palettes.

#6 Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Very Black from my sister. She gave this to me because she has too many mascara!

#7 Eye brushes! Marionnaud n37 Pointed Brush and Natural Beauty Contouring Brush 
The Marionnaud brush was given to me by my sister because she doesn't want it anymore. The contouring brush from NB is from my mom. I kind of forced her to give it to me. Hahaha.

#8 DollFace Gel Liner No.2 Also from my mom. :)

#9 Careline Lipgloss Shade 101 I finally have a Careline Lip Gloss, much raved about product by beauty bloggers! Will do a review of this if I find time.

#10 Lippies! From L-R: LA Colors in Frozen Berries, Mary Kay Signature Luscious Color Lipstick in Ruby Sky and Aido Lipstick in "E" The Aido lipstick is the only thing I bought from the bunch. LA Colors is from my mom while Mary Kay is from my aunt.

#11 NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa and London (250php each). I bought these from Chic Cosmetics Manila. Check out their shop here. I am soooo inlove with these lip creams! Will definitely do a review about these :))

That's it! We're done with my birthday haul! Thank you for reading! Stay posted for reviews of some products included here. :D

God bless!


Friday, July 27, 2012

NOTD: Orly Pink Chocolate + Zebra stripes

Hi guys! I have a lot to post for the following days! Our internet connection was down for the past days hence the lack of post. Now I'm back with a NOTD! Which was actually done two days ago. 

Ta-dah! Did I scare you? Hahaha. Hope not.

I used  Orly in Pink Chocolate as a base color and a black nail polish that comes off with a striping brush for the zebra stripes.

I love animal prints! Easy to do if you have mastered it already.

Also effortlessly chic and striking! If you want a simple yet striking mani, go for animal prints! Just play with colors. :)

That's all for today! Watch out for the upcoming posts!
What do you think about animal prints? :)

God bless!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's inside my kikay kit?


Hello there! I will be sharing with you today my kikay kit. No matter how un-girly/boyish a girl is, I believe there's some sort of kikay item in her bag, probably a powder, comb, or lip balm. Every girl needs one! Whatever ends up in one's kit depends solely on her!

This is my zippered pouch made out of mesh which was given to me by my dear friend, Shaina. It has the attributes that I was looking for a kit - black, durable, easy to clean. I do not like a kit that is made up of cloth as it gets dirty easily. This requires little cleaning or none at all! Whenever there are makeup spills, I can just shake it off the material. I do not have a fear of getting this wet either as it's not absorbent. Thank you Shaina! This has been very useful to me. But but but, I think I'll be needing a bigger one! It's so full! I'll definitely buy the same kind, just bigger. This is available in SM Department Stores in different sizes.

Now for the contents!

Fanny Serrano two-way cake in Organza (399php). There are lots of reviews and raves about this already. I leave it up to other beauty bloggers.The product is truthful to the reviews made by beauty bloggers, no kidding.

Top to bottom: ELF eye shadow brush, Marionnaud N°38 brush (slanted brush+spooly), white cheapo eyeliner, The Face Shop retractable lip brush, Nichido waterproof black eyeliner, Ever Original eyebrow pencil in brown and Ever Bilena eye pencil in brown. 

I house this pencils in a clear resealable plastic that came with my Marionnaud brush. I use the 2 Ever Bilena pencils to do my brows. I prefer pencils over brow powder/gel. So much easier to use.

Shawill Showcase Blusher in Dreamy Rose (99php). I am a fan of coral/peachy shades. I don't use pink blushers. Just doesn't suit me. This blush on is very pigmented, a little is enough to give you a pop of color! This will definitely last long. Very matipid.

Shawill Mono Eyeshadow (69php) #006 which I use for contouring. I think this is too dark for me. Like the blusher, this is also very pigmented!

Retractable Kabuki Brush (90php).Of course, my favorite brush! I love, love, love this! See my post here about this amazing brush. Note: This is not an authentic MAC brush, I got this from Divisoria (just when will I ever be able to afford a MAC product?)

Concealer (25php) You might laugh at me for having this product. Haha! This is really cheap. I'm not into concealer yet and I rarely use this. I use this in highlighting my nose line. 

Liquid eyeliner (20php) another cheapo product from China. It's just too cute! It works well too-great staying power! I just don't like its shiny finish. 

Maybelline Lash Stiletto (249php) Not so crazy about mascaras yet.

I love lipsticks! Of all kinds of makeup, I find myself addicted to lipsticks the most. I only have a few since I'm just new to the makeup craze. These are the ones I bring everyday.
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink (148php) I've heard and read that before, matte lipsticks from EB are only 125php. Too bad, I only discovered how great EB matte lipsticks are now. But, I can still say that this is still sulit for the price.

Also a matte lipstick from Ever Bilena. Scarlet is a nice shade of orangey-red! I haven't cleaned this up yet so, no picture! Haha

 In 2 it Moisture Intense Lipstick in Orange Juice (379php) As I have said, I love peach/coral/orange shades! This one is soooo orange and highly pigmented. I ♥ IT! Great staying power too. Kinda costly but definitely worth it.

Ever Bilena Pro Longwear Lipstick in Destiny (158php) Another lipstick from EB! This doesn't have a matte finish. Very moisturizing and long-lasting unlike the EB matte lipsticks. 

Swatches from L-R: In2it in Orange Juice, Ever Bilena Pro Longwear in Destiny, Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Scarlet and Off Beat Pink

Swatches from L-R: In2it in Orange Juice, Ever Bilena Pro Longwear in Destiny, Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Scarlet and Off Beat Pink

Sally Hansen Natural Shine Lip Gloss I'm not into lip gloss that's why I only have one. I love pairing this with my EB Off Beat Pink since it very drying. 

Last but definitely not the least, my HG lip balm from Burt's Bees (395php)! I looooooove this so much especially the after-gum feeling. So minty and cooling!

That's all for my Kikay Kit! 
God bless!


Monday, July 16, 2012

REVIEW: 15pc Brush Set from Divisoria

Hello ladies! As promised, here is my review of the 15 pc brush set I got from my Divisoria trip which I already talked about here. These are fake MAC brushes, take note, fake. I did not purchase this because it's labeled MAC. Noooo! I purchased this because it's the best as compared to other brush sets available in Divisoria. I almost gave up my search for the perfect brush set during my Divisoria trip, almost all brushes I tried were really scratchy! Luckily, I find these! 

These are the brushes! 

Powder brush in large and medium: The difference in size is hardly seen in the picture. There's only a small difference in size between the two. Not scratchy but flimsy! It bends easily when I use it to apply powder on my face. It works well in applying blush-on so it's okay.

Fan brush: Hmm. Sparse and flimsy! It is okay because I hardly use fan brushes. 
Angled contour brush: The reason why I purchase the set! I wanted an angled contour brush for so long. I love this brush! Good for contouring and blushing. 

Eye shadow brushes in small, medium and large: Again, there's not much big difference between the sizes! Boo-hoo. The largest one on the right can be used as a concealer brush. These are made of synthetic fibers. Obviously, I already used the one in the middle. Color pickup is good enough.

Angled eye shadow brushes: Just the ordinary angled eye shadow brushes. I don't know why but, I don't find these brushes useful. They are too soft for precise eyeliner application.

Eyeliner brush: I find this very useful in applying gel liner.
Lip brushes: I am not sure what the other brushes are for. I just think they are lip brushes.

Others: Eyebrow comb and brush, a very scratchy spooly and an eyeshadow applicator. It's annoying how these three are almost always present on a brush set. It's not that they are not useful but I think it's better if these are replaced with other kind of brushes.

They look good in the picture, right? :)

The verdict:

Hmm. Not a very good find. Except for the powder brushes, the angled contour brush, and the eyeliner brush, the set is good as nothing! The usefulness of the brushes were very limited. It's also annoying that there are three eye shadow brushes in almost similar sizes! One eye shadow brush is enough!
Good thing the set is only 400php! I must confess that it was pure impulsion that drove me to buy this set. At least now, I am more educated in choosing the right brushes next time I purchase!

Despite the sayang feeling I felt about my 15pc brush set, something made me really happy!!!
Yes, I am talking about the retractable kabuki brush! It was so soft! It was multi-purpose and handy too!
I use this everyday in applying foundation and blush. I love, love love this brush.

 This costs only 90php. Such a steal, right? :> I am perfectly happy with this brush!!

Look how dense it is? I LOVE IT ♥

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Divisoria Haul

Hi guys! Two weeks ago, I went to Divisoria and I had a few but awesome purchases! I wouldn't make this long, here they are!

#1 Makeup brushes: I already blogged about this. Click here to see it. The set cost me 400php and the retractable kabuki brush is 90php.

#2 Denim blue sandals with laces: This one looks so chic! It is also available in gray and pink. I would have wanted a brown but there's none available. This is only 200php! Cheap, right? BUT they sell 2 pairs for only 350php, 50php off if I get another pair! So I got another one.

#3 Light brown buckled flats: A must have! Brown is such a staple color. Goes well with any outfit! I can wear this anywhere, very versatile. I just hope this is sturdy enough to endure long walks at school. 

#4 Camera necklace: I've been looking for the perfect camera necklace lately, and here, I found it! Only 35php/3pcs for 100php. Such a good find!

#5 Globe and binoculars necklace: I find this really cute! It symbolizes one my dreams in life - TO TRAVEL THE WORLD. Also speaks up about my course. Yes, I am a tourism student. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeheee. :''>

That's it! I only bought few items! I'm starting to practice self-discipline in buying items. I should buy only what's necessary and useful. But it is hard, isn't it?

Have a good day! God bless!



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