Monday, July 2, 2012

Come back post

Hello! It's been several months since I last posted here. I don't know why but..I just lost the interest of doing nail art. My nail polishes grew cold and lonely! I paint my nails once in a while but that's it. JUST PAINT IT PLAINLY. I also gave away my nail art brushes and acrylic paint because I don't think I would use it anymore. Hmmmm :|

So why am I still here? Hahaha. I still don't have the answer to that. I just felt like blogging. I am planning to turn this into a personal blog where I can post things other than nail art.

As a come back post, I will show you five nail designs which were done in the past. Here they are!

#1 Copper/Gold Glitter Nails: It's loaded with lots of glitters!

#2 Floral Nail Decals: Are these Cherry Blossoms?

#3 Watermelon Acrylic Design: Epic fail. Now you know why I gave away my acrylic stuff!

#4 White, gray and black gradient: Reminds me of cement

# 5 Peacock! 

That's it! I hope I can blog again soon :>


  1. Welcome back! nice to see you blogging again :) happy rainy tuesday :p

  2. i like your floral nail decals, wherd you get them? :)

  3. @ChinChin Hi! I just bought it at a bookstore nearby our place. Weird, right?

    If you are looking for nail decals, you can easily find them at Landmark, beauty supplies section :>



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