Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday Haul

Hi lovelies! I just turned a year older last July 16. Teen no more! Yes, I just turned 20! And before July ends, I will share with you my July haul! These are things that I got from people as gift (or not! maybe i force them a little to give me stuff) and some things I bought for myself. This is not too much! As much as possible, I only buy those stuff that I really need or will be useful to me.

Now let's proceed to the haul!

#1 88 Color Palette from Dollface (850php) which was given to me by my sister as a gift. Thank you Ate Ivy! (she has a beauty blog too, check out here

I love this palette! This is my first palette from DollFace. A lot of beauty bloggers use DollFace cosmetics in creating different looks. The talented Ana Victorino and  the famous Noe Mae of Color is my Weapon use DollFace. They're my inspiration!

A lot of looks can be created from this palette! I've created several looks already using this palette. Will post them soon! :)

Go check out DollFace Cosmetics! My sister bought mine from The Ramp, Trinoma.

#2 Flats from Ever Gotesco Commonwealth (250php each) Also a gift from a friend, thank you! The color of the flats in the picture looks brighter than the actual (probably because of the flash). The one on the left is actually mustard yellow while the one on the right is dark red. I love the color and the shine of these flats! These are made in Marikina so these better be sturdy! Go check these out if you are nearby the Commonwealth area, you'll be awed by the wide variety of colors available!  I had a hard time deciding what color to pick. I'm planning to get a blue pair soon! You can easily find their stall at the ground floor of Ever Gotesco because they're only the ones selling these.

# 3 Falsies and lash glue

5 pairs of criss cross falsies for only 75php, that's 15php a pair! Reaaaaaaaally cheap! I bought this from a store nearby our place which sells product from China (which also sells salon products and nail art stuff).  

Another one for only 20php. I bought this from another China-product-selling store nearby our place. Yes there are a lot of such stores here in Novaliches. Now you know where I live. Haha.

Lash glue for 65php. This is also available at Landmark, Trinoma for 99php.

#4 15 Color Shimmer Palette which I bought for only 100php! It is also a made in China. I bought it from the same store where I got my falsies. Buying unknown brands from China might be an issue for some because of the harm it may cause to the face. But this palette is working and I only bought it to have something to play with.

Really pigmented and shimmery! Will do a review soon. 

#5 Random palettes from my sister! i do not know the brand of these palettes. I believe they're from abroad. Not very pigmented palettes.

#6 Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Very Black from my sister. She gave this to me because she has too many mascara!

#7 Eye brushes! Marionnaud n37 Pointed Brush and Natural Beauty Contouring Brush 
The Marionnaud brush was given to me by my sister because she doesn't want it anymore. The contouring brush from NB is from my mom. I kind of forced her to give it to me. Hahaha.

#8 DollFace Gel Liner No.2 Also from my mom. :)

#9 Careline Lipgloss Shade 101 I finally have a Careline Lip Gloss, much raved about product by beauty bloggers! Will do a review of this if I find time.

#10 Lippies! From L-R: LA Colors in Frozen Berries, Mary Kay Signature Luscious Color Lipstick in Ruby Sky and Aido Lipstick in "E" The Aido lipstick is the only thing I bought from the bunch. LA Colors is from my mom while Mary Kay is from my aunt.

#11 NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa and London (250php each). I bought these from Chic Cosmetics Manila. Check out their shop here. I am soooo inlove with these lip creams! Will definitely do a review about these :))

That's it! We're done with my birthday haul! Thank you for reading! Stay posted for reviews of some products included here. :D

God bless!



  1. Wow sis ka bday ka ng bestfriend ko! At pareho din tayong July. Ang sweet naman nila. Saken wala man lang nagregalo. hehehe Mas matanda ako sayo, 22 na aketch!

  2. Hehe. Wow talaga? Kelan ka nagbirthday? Oo nga eh! :D belated happy birthday to you!

  3. Happy Birthday, Iya! Where did you buy the falsies? Gusto ko bumili! haha! :P

  4. Thanks for reading my blog posts. :) I am glad it helped you.


  5. Hi Maggie! Sa Novaliches. Where are you from ba?
    Maybe I can buy for you if you want then lets meet hihihi :D

  6. Hi chel! Looking forward for more blog posts!

  7. Super belated happy bday! I love the Careline lip gloss I actually posted a review on them :)

    1. hello there! Thank you! I love it too! It is my first and only Careline lipgloss and I love it! i will check your review on it! :)

  8. Can't find the same lipgloss anywhere! I've tried SM North (they have 2 watsons and 1 careline booth on the dept.store and supermarkets) and also SM Valenzuela. Hayy I really want to try it too!!:(

    1. Hey! The reason why you can't find it at Careline booths at SM Dept Stores/Watsons is that they're only available at Careline booths at Robinsons Malls. They're hardly available.
      I bought mine from an Ever Bilena dealer :>

    2. Please tell me who that dealer is!!!! Joke.Hehe, I really want this lip gloss!!!



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