Monday, July 16, 2012

REVIEW: 15pc Brush Set from Divisoria

Hello ladies! As promised, here is my review of the 15 pc brush set I got from my Divisoria trip which I already talked about here. These are fake MAC brushes, take note, fake. I did not purchase this because it's labeled MAC. Noooo! I purchased this because it's the best as compared to other brush sets available in Divisoria. I almost gave up my search for the perfect brush set during my Divisoria trip, almost all brushes I tried were really scratchy! Luckily, I find these! 

These are the brushes! 

Powder brush in large and medium: The difference in size is hardly seen in the picture. There's only a small difference in size between the two. Not scratchy but flimsy! It bends easily when I use it to apply powder on my face. It works well in applying blush-on so it's okay.

Fan brush: Hmm. Sparse and flimsy! It is okay because I hardly use fan brushes. 
Angled contour brush: The reason why I purchase the set! I wanted an angled contour brush for so long. I love this brush! Good for contouring and blushing. 

Eye shadow brushes in small, medium and large: Again, there's not much big difference between the sizes! Boo-hoo. The largest one on the right can be used as a concealer brush. These are made of synthetic fibers. Obviously, I already used the one in the middle. Color pickup is good enough.

Angled eye shadow brushes: Just the ordinary angled eye shadow brushes. I don't know why but, I don't find these brushes useful. They are too soft for precise eyeliner application.

Eyeliner brush: I find this very useful in applying gel liner.
Lip brushes: I am not sure what the other brushes are for. I just think they are lip brushes.

Others: Eyebrow comb and brush, a very scratchy spooly and an eyeshadow applicator. It's annoying how these three are almost always present on a brush set. It's not that they are not useful but I think it's better if these are replaced with other kind of brushes.

They look good in the picture, right? :)

The verdict:

Hmm. Not a very good find. Except for the powder brushes, the angled contour brush, and the eyeliner brush, the set is good as nothing! The usefulness of the brushes were very limited. It's also annoying that there are three eye shadow brushes in almost similar sizes! One eye shadow brush is enough!
Good thing the set is only 400php! I must confess that it was pure impulsion that drove me to buy this set. At least now, I am more educated in choosing the right brushes next time I purchase!

Despite the sayang feeling I felt about my 15pc brush set, something made me really happy!!!
Yes, I am talking about the retractable kabuki brush! It was so soft! It was multi-purpose and handy too!
I use this everyday in applying foundation and blush. I love, love love this brush.

 This costs only 90php. Such a steal, right? :> I am perfectly happy with this brush!!

Look how dense it is? I LOVE IT ♥


  1. I bought a fake one too and I threw it away. lol! The only thing useful was the comb, spool and eyeliner brush.

  2. Likewise! The face brushes are also useful to me. Malapit ko na rin itapon yung akin once magkaron na ko ng new set! :)

  3. From where at divisoria did you bought this brush set? I want one also. hihi:) thanks for this review:)

    1. From 168 mall. Third floor ata. Same floor with the food area. I don't recommend you to get this set though :)

  4. I feel the same way! :) But I love seeing big fan brushes especially white ones on a brush set! <3 :) Just sayin'..

  5. I've been seeing these brushes all over 168 lately and I've been contemplating on buying them but they're all so similar. I wanted a decent eye brush set and most of them just have this flat/paddle e/s brush in different sizes.

    Thanks for the review..

    1. Welcome! I advise you against buying a brush set with multiple eye brushes of the same use! Definitely a waste! :| You're welcome!

  6. mejo ot . ask q lang san ba sa divi ang pwesto ng mga lippies like naked , mac ,etude

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  8. Hi, do you know where to buy very cheap wholesale make-up and lippies in divisoria? Please message me here: because i might lost this site.



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