Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blue floral nails

Been out for almost two weeks. Two weeks seemed a month already! Still no internet at home. Calling PLDT DSL!!!

Anyway, these nails were done 2 weeks ago, i think. I used San-San Blue Sapphire as base and stamped it with white china polish. The white china polish did a good stamping job! It was very opaque and easy to work with! I love it! So, here it is. . .

I know I have to practice more on stamping. I still can't cover my nails perfectly. For an instance, my thumb. See? Hmm, maybe i really have huge nail beds. Haha.
These are the polishes I used:
 San san nail polishes are kind of runny. They will also cover your cuticles! But, i still love this one. It has a really shiny finish! No need to put a top coat! Dries fast too :))
Another nameless china polish. This is such a goodie! I think this is my white version of the famous Wet n Wild Black Creme, really stamps well!

With my over-sized fabric ring. Flowers on flowers! :D

As I was looking on my finished mani, I suddenly remembered a pattern which I see on vases quite often. Here is a picture of a vase with the pattern. I don't know, but maybe because of my color combination. Does it resemble my nails? :D
That would be all for now!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Orange Franken

At first, the term franken appeared strange to me. It is strange, right? FRANKEN. Reminds me of Frankenstein. Can't help but laugh. Frankening is mixing polishes together to achieve a desired color. This is my second franken. My first try wasn't so nice. Came out too dark. So here it is. . .

An empty nail polish bottle is needed. I used acetone in cleaning my polish bottle. I used three shades of orange polishes and a white polish. I'm not a big fan of the color orange that's why I decided to franken a shade of orange that I would want. I want something subtle and close to tan.

I cannot really use my Caress neon orange polish. It is too neon! Imagine having a road reflector on nails. So to put it into a better use, I frankened it! 

I swatched the polishes on the paper.
Maybelline Mini Colo rama has some shimmery little glitters. 
Here is how it turned out when applied. I am really happy with the result! This is my mom's hand! 
It was a really subtle shade of orange. Just the way I expected it!

It kind of looked like China Glaze Osaka to Me Orange. Photo courtesy of polishaddict

And then, I was inspired with one of Nail Nerd's designs. Check out her blog! She has amazing freehand designs. 

Now, please don't laugh! They're supposed to be roses. But they look more of strawberries than roses. What do you think? Hahaha! I was running late to school that time. Just had to finish the design. So..there! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just another crack mani

I did a cracked mani for my mom. I will be doing another tomorrow at school for my classmate! Heeeeeeeee. :D Gradient nails + crack polish  mani is easy to do. The crack/shatter effect does it all! For this mani I used these polishes to create the gradient: 

This is my finished work! 
A closer look: 

That's all for today! I'm sort of busy doing some school-related stuff. And I don't want the internet to eat all of my spare time. Gotta get back to my thesis!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


These are my nails as of the moment. And yes, another gradient mani! I find this quite similar to OPI's Black Shatter here reviewed by

Mine is not from a familiar brand like OPI. It is labeled Monaliza Cracking Polish.I guess its another unfamiliar brand from China. Haha, i'm a fan of cheap, china polishes. They come in a variety of colors plus they're really cheap! It is an 18ml cracking polish which only costs a hundred peso (2 USD). It is CHEAP!

I used three colors for the background. Here are the polishes I used. I won't be listing their specific names as I find it unnecessary. Hahahaha. Comment here, if you would really want to know. :D The middle polish is a really nice shade of blue. I love it. Love the other colors as well. These can be dupes to expensive polishes like OPI and China Glaze.

I love looking at this mani! 
 Monaliza's Cracking polish is only my second cracking mani. My sister owns a pink BK Cracking Polish (Photo from Google). BK cracking polishes produce small cracks. They look like wall cracks to me! They also fade easily! :| But this one I own has a good lasting strength! (been wearing this for four days now, no fade, no chip! )
One bad thing about this polish is its scent! It has a really strong one! Euw! Scares me! You must apply this real fast! Only a thin coat of this polish is needed to achieve the look. I think it will take years for me to empty this bottle. Would it last for a year? Hehe. Anyway, I will still be buying a new one. I want a bright cracking polish!

Cracking polishes are cool! Goodnight!

Zebra gradient nails!

Gradient zebra!
As I said in my previous post, I was inspired by Rebecca's gradient nails stamped with zebra prints. You can check her tutorial here. Well, hers is way better than mine. Sadly, my nails are too short to display all the three colors (yellow, orange and pink). I can't wait for these to grow longer!

A closer look. 
I enjoyed doing this mani! Gradients are fun to make, the end results will always surprise you! I never knew that these three colors would look good together. But, thanks for the great idea, Rebecca! Zebra lines were done freehand. My stamping skills were not yet good enough, I cannot transfer images well. I shall practice!

My DIY dice ring. :D Yes, i love DIYs too!
This is the best that I could do. I will do gradient more often! :> Goodnight, ladies!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to back! Leopard & Zebra Nails

I cannot swatch my OMG polishes just yet! My nails are still very short as of the moment. For the meantime, I'll just show you my leopard and zebra nails. I love making animal patterns on nails! They're so easy and fun to do.

For leopard nails, any light brown/beige polish would do. For this one, I used: base: Bobbie - Touch of Tan, spots: Caress Brown, black lining: black nail art pen

Leopard nails
Leopard nails
I was inspired by my comforter/blanket at that time, so there!! You can be playful with your leopard nails. You can use different backgrounds and different spots as well. Check out rebeccalikesnails for more creative designs. I love how she does her animal prints, really creative! :)

For zebra nails, any black and white polish would do. I used a striping brush to make the stripes. 

Zebra nails
I watermarked my photos! Hahaha!

My stripes in this mani were pointed and straight. I still need practice in making curved ones. Hmm, more animal designs to come as I am very fond of them! Rebecca makes good ones! I tried her gradient animal mani and I loved it. Will post it soon! That's all for now! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Testing, testing!

I finally have a blog! As for my very first post, I'd like to show you my OMG! polishes by Klik. These nail polishes are made here in the Philippines. Yes, I patronize local nail polishes (as they are cheaper and great too!). Buy local! OMG nail polishes are Toluene and DBP free. It also has great consistency and opacity and very easy to apply! The only downside of these polishes is that they chip easily. A good topcoat is needed to make this polishes last.  If not for its poor lasting strength, I'd say that this polish is perfect! But, who would complain for an 18 peso worth of goodness? Yes, a 10ml bottle costs 18pesos (0.43 USD). 
OMG Nail polishes

That would be all for my first post. I will post swatches of these polishes on my second post. :))


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