Saturday, September 10, 2011


These are my nails as of the moment. And yes, another gradient mani! I find this quite similar to OPI's Black Shatter here reviewed by

Mine is not from a familiar brand like OPI. It is labeled Monaliza Cracking Polish.I guess its another unfamiliar brand from China. Haha, i'm a fan of cheap, china polishes. They come in a variety of colors plus they're really cheap! It is an 18ml cracking polish which only costs a hundred peso (2 USD). It is CHEAP!

I used three colors for the background. Here are the polishes I used. I won't be listing their specific names as I find it unnecessary. Hahahaha. Comment here, if you would really want to know. :D The middle polish is a really nice shade of blue. I love it. Love the other colors as well. These can be dupes to expensive polishes like OPI and China Glaze.

I love looking at this mani! 
 Monaliza's Cracking polish is only my second cracking mani. My sister owns a pink BK Cracking Polish (Photo from Google). BK cracking polishes produce small cracks. They look like wall cracks to me! They also fade easily! :| But this one I own has a good lasting strength! (been wearing this for four days now, no fade, no chip! )
One bad thing about this polish is its scent! It has a really strong one! Euw! Scares me! You must apply this real fast! Only a thin coat of this polish is needed to achieve the look. I think it will take years for me to empty this bottle. Would it last for a year? Hehe. Anyway, I will still be buying a new one. I want a bright cracking polish!

Cracking polishes are cool! Goodnight!


  1. Cracking mani is fun to do, indeed!

  2. it indeed looked like opi shatter!
    im glad that cracking polish had gone way way way better than when i first discovered it.

    it was just a crack before, now it's really shattered!

    great mani,hun!

  3. Yes, yes! I love the way it shattered too, thanks! :D

  4. .in your opinion does it chips off easily?



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