Friday, September 16, 2011

Orange Franken

At first, the term franken appeared strange to me. It is strange, right? FRANKEN. Reminds me of Frankenstein. Can't help but laugh. Frankening is mixing polishes together to achieve a desired color. This is my second franken. My first try wasn't so nice. Came out too dark. So here it is. . .

An empty nail polish bottle is needed. I used acetone in cleaning my polish bottle. I used three shades of orange polishes and a white polish. I'm not a big fan of the color orange that's why I decided to franken a shade of orange that I would want. I want something subtle and close to tan.

I cannot really use my Caress neon orange polish. It is too neon! Imagine having a road reflector on nails. So to put it into a better use, I frankened it! 

I swatched the polishes on the paper.
Maybelline Mini Colo rama has some shimmery little glitters. 
Here is how it turned out when applied. I am really happy with the result! This is my mom's hand! 
It was a really subtle shade of orange. Just the way I expected it!

It kind of looked like China Glaze Osaka to Me Orange. Photo courtesy of polishaddict

And then, I was inspired with one of Nail Nerd's designs. Check out her blog! She has amazing freehand designs. 

Now, please don't laugh! They're supposed to be roses. But they look more of strawberries than roses. What do you think? Hahaha! I was running late to school that time. Just had to finish the design. So..there! 

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