Saturday, September 10, 2011

Zebra gradient nails!

Gradient zebra!
As I said in my previous post, I was inspired by Rebecca's gradient nails stamped with zebra prints. You can check her tutorial here. Well, hers is way better than mine. Sadly, my nails are too short to display all the three colors (yellow, orange and pink). I can't wait for these to grow longer!

A closer look. 
I enjoyed doing this mani! Gradients are fun to make, the end results will always surprise you! I never knew that these three colors would look good together. But, thanks for the great idea, Rebecca! Zebra lines were done freehand. My stamping skills were not yet good enough, I cannot transfer images well. I shall practice!

My DIY dice ring. :D Yes, i love DIYs too!
This is the best that I could do. I will do gradient more often! :> Goodnight, ladies!


  1. love it it's perfect for fall time ...:)

  2. hey! thanks for all the lovin'!
    you did awesome :)

    1. You're a true genius in nail art designs Rebecca! Thank you!

  3. Sarahlouise1986 - thank you!! I loooooove your nail stamp designs Hugs! :)

    Bassoma abel - I think it is. Hmm but we have no fall. Its only wet and dry season here in the Philippines! Thanks!

    Rebecca - thank you for taking some time to read this. You are a great source of inspiration!

  4. it looks so cute,hunny!

    that reminds me... it's almost fall season na
    summer is in its last full swing!

  5. love the color combination!! :) you can check out my blog too sis :)

  6. This one is sooo cute! I love the color combination :) And then yung design :)

    Btw, Iya. if you are looking for a cheaper acryliccosmetic drawers.. like the kindly read my new post :) The store that I am mentioning on my post is selling a cheaper cosmetic organizers. And then a 3 layer acrylic organizer (like yung acrylic drawers sa muji store) will be available on their online store this month :) I hope it will help you :)

    1. Thanks Jan!

      I will check that out! Thank you so much for the information. My makeup collection is starting to grow that is why I'm really looking for a storage solution. Thanks again!



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