Friday, July 26, 2013

Review: Ever Bilena Lip Colour Xtreme Shine

While I was on a lookout for an affordable hot pink lipstick, I spotted this lipstick from Ever Bilena. Upon swatching and seeing that it only costs 75php, I instantly got it without hesitation.

Price and packaging: Given the 75php price, I couldn't complain with the cheap plastic packaging of the product. The clear lipstick cap is prone to scratches and seems brittle.

From top left: Bare lips, 1 swipe of lipstick, 3 swipes of lipstick
Pigmentation, finish, lasting power: Pigmentation is sheer but highly buildable. It actually looks like a lip tint when swiped only once. At least 3-4 swipes is needed to achieve that hot pink shade. As expected from a lipstick with satin/shiny finish, lasting power is just average. However, the lipstick leaves a nice tint on the lips after a meal. It does not fade out completely.

Color: Fuchsia pink with blue/violet sheen. I think the blue/violet sheen to the color makes the lipstick really interesting to look at especially when it reflects light. If you are familiar with Pink Alarm from In2it, you may recognize a slight resemblance. In my opinion, the shade can suit both ladies with fair and morena skin.

When worn: Because the lipstick is sheer but highly buildable, it is perfect for day to night make up looks. Swipe once for a lip tint feel during the day and layer it on for bold pink lips during the night.

What I like:

  • Cheap, very affordable
  • Color is really nice! I find the blue /violet sheen it gives interesting.
  • It doesn't fade out completely. It leaves a nice tint on the lips.
  • Available locally
What I don't like:
  • Packaging 
Where to buy:
          75php on Ever Bilena Counters located at Watsons/SM Department Stores.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guess who's back!


It has been three months since I last updated my blog. It actually feels weird to be seated in front of my laptop and compose this blog post. I am finally reunited with a love long lost! I've been the busiest during the past three months. Even if I went on a blog hiatus, my love for beauty products did not cease. I am too glad to be back as I terribly missed blogging. Can't wait to share with you my beauty finds, discoveries and more! 


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