Sunday, July 5, 2015

Into calligraphy lately

It feels weird to be composing a blog post again after quite a while. I've been meaning to come back but there's lack of time and laziness. Well, here I am! Happy to be blogging again. 

Almost 6 months ago, I've gotten into calligraphy, the art of making beautiful handwriting. Most of my free time goes to endless calligraphy practice. It's something I really enjoy doing that's why I've decided to share it through this blog. I still love makeup nevertheless! 

Here's a glimpse of my calligraphy journey since January. There's instant familiarity in holding brush pens because of the makeup brushes I've came across with through beauty blogging. From makeup brushes to paint brushes! 

Like makeup, a lot of practice and patience is needed in learning calligraphy. Each day is a chance to learn a new technique, practice an unfamiliar stroke or try a new medium. Practice makes progress. Frustration may come along the way but never stop trying again. Believe you can! 

Will be posting about the calligraphy tools I use next! 


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