Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Review & Comparison: Milani Eye Tech Extreme vs K-Palette, BYS, Mememe

Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner takes our best-selling Eye Tech Liquid Liner to the extreme. Extreme fine felt-tip point and easy grip handle make creating lines easy. Non-feathering, waterproof blackest black formula lasts all day without flaking our budging. (Milani Website)

Since my K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner ran out, I went on a lookout for a cheaper alternative. I rummaged through various makeup counters swatching eyeliners of sorts. Nothing seemed to match the quality of K-Palette in terms of opacity, precision and lasting power. And so I started my quest online and ended up with Milani Eye Tech Extreme which had several positive reviews. I was too glad that BonMarche had it on hand. 

Price: It's only Php 285 (1 ml), definitely way cheaper than K-Palette at Php 895. The big question would be, is the quality comparable with the latter? Read on!

Brush Tip: As its name suggests, the tip is extremely fine and pointed. Fine enough to draw the thinnest, most detailed lines. Like most pen type eyeliners, it has a felt tip. My only issue with felt tip eyeliners is that they tend to wear out over time thus losing precision. For almost a month's usage, the felt tip is not as firm as the first time I used it.

Packaging: It's made up of a black shiny plastic packaging with non-slip grip for easier use. The name of the product is stamped in gold lettering which I find so sleek. I'm really pleased that the label has not rubbed off yet. The K-Palette label rubbed off after only a few weeks.

Opacity, Staying Power: It boldly claims to be non-feathering, waterproof, blackest black that could last all day without flaking or budging. It is indeed really really black in one swipe. One layer is enough. Its opacity is probably the best thing about the product. I'm fairly impressed with the staying power. It could last whole day on me with minimal fading.  It doesn't feather or smudge. A makeup remover is needed in removal as it won't come off completely with water.

When applied: Here's how it looks like when applied. This is how my eyes look like almost everyday. The fine tip of the brush makes eye lining as easy as 1, 2, 3! You can go from simple thin line to a thick, dramatic line! 

Now for a quick comparison with my other liquid eyeliners - BYS Liquid Eyeliner, K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner and Mememe Eye Sweep

Left to Right: BYS Liquid Eyeliner K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner, Milani Eye Tech Extreme and Mememe Eye Sweep 

BYS Liquid Eyeliner has got to be the finest, thinnest eyeliner that I own. It is perfect for detailing! It's mighty fine tip has a trade off though - the brush is scratchy, a bit hard for the delicate eyelids. The first time I used it, the feeling was close to poking the eyelids with a sharp object. It took me some time to love this product because of the brush. Lasting power is good, no flaking/smudging and waterproof. The finish is slightly shiny which I'm not entirely fond of. Available at BYS counters on local department stores for around Php 300, if I remember correctly.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner is still the best eyeliner for me - brush tip, opacity, lasting power and ease of use, 10/10. Totally worth the price at Php 895! Read my full review here

Mememe Eye Sweep reminds me of Sharpie! Its felt tip is thick as opposed to the three eyeliners. Opacity is great. Its thick tip makes it ideal for drawing dramatic lines. It may also be used in defining the tail of the brows that is if you are up for black brows. It is not waterproof and smudge proof. It easily fades as well. 

That's it for the quick comparison! Going back to Milani Eye Tech Extreme, I think it can be a good alternative for K-Palette. Opacity, lasting power and ease of use is amazing. The only issue I have with the product is its brush tip. It is fine, yes but it softens/wears out over time making it a bit difficult to draw with. K-Palette's brush tip is still the perfect brush tip for me.

If you are looking for a liquid eyeliner with superb quality in terms of formulation and lasting power that is very affordable, I can highly recommend Milani Eye Tech Extreme. It doesn't disappoint!

What I like:
  • Opacity/pigmentation is amaaaaaazing. It truly is, blackest black.
  • Very affordable at Php 285.
  • Very fine tip. Felt tip is soft on the eyes.
  • Lasting power is great. It can last the whole day on me with minimal fading.
  • Waterproof, sweat proof and smudge proof
What I don't like:
  • Felt tip wears out/softens over time 
  • Not available in local department stores. Only available on selected online shops.
I honestly think that the formulation of this product is close to K-Palette. The only downside is the felt tip. It's nothing major though. Even with a soft tip, it can still draw fine lines. 

Where to get: Php 285 at BonMarche

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unboxing October BDJ Box

October 2013 BDJ Box. Hmm, exactly a year since BDJ released its first ever beauty box! Remember last year's October box? I can still recall the excitement I felt during my first unboxing experience. Aaah! The joy of opening presents! It goes with the theme Sugar N' Spice. Everything inside the box is from Maybelline. 

These stickers couldn't say it any better when it comes to self expression. I'll be sticking one on my closet!

A welcome message, product list & description and additional information about the box are written on these cards. The Lip & Eye Makeup Remover (Php250 purchase required) is a bonus!

Consisting of 6 full-sized products, the October box is worth Php1,914!! That's Php1,334 savings (BDJ Box subscription is Php580 a month). I am thrilled to try these products out.

Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Foundation (Php249)

Clear Smooth BB Stick 8-in-1 Skin Transformer (Php279)

Color Sensational Lasting Lip Color (Php399)

Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara (Php299)

Baby Lips Runway Brights (Php89)

Eye Studio Lumineyes Shadow (Php599)

And yet another great box from BDJ! Every box gets better each month, don't you think? I will be sharing with you my thoughts about these products as soon as I can. Taking the BDJ Box 7 Day Challenge seems fun. 

Happy Anniversary and congratulations to the BDJ Box team! Thank you for sending me the October box! 

Get the latest from the BDJ Box. Sign up now!

Good night and God bless! <3

Monday, October 14, 2013

Haul: Colour Collection Makeup

I've been meaning to share this haul with you for so long but I really couldn't find time. Truly grateful for non-working holidays! Now, I'll stop babbling and go on with the haul. 

Most of the products are from Colour Collection, a local makeup line by Tupperware Brands. Find out more about the brand here. I've known the brand through my sister who is an avid user of their lipsticks. Now, I'll stop babbling and go on with the haul.

White Result Exfoliating Gel (Php599) - Product claims to whiten skin and increase the rate of cell renewal. Now that my pimples are starting to heal, I think this will come in handy for the nasty acne marks the pimples might leave.

Perfect Cover Dual Powder Foundation in Honey - Out of the bunch, this one has got to be my favorite. The shade is a perfect match to my morena skin. Also, it did not cause any breakouts. I've been avoiding makeup for several months now because of my acne problems. For ladies with acne prone skin, it is such a relief to find makeup products that would not cause acne build up.

Colour Intense Eyeshadow Trio in Terra Cotta - I think the colors are perfect for day to night makeup looks. What do you think?

Colour Intense Blush-On Duo - Reminds me of ELF's blush and contour powder. I find the product a bit too powdery. A single swipe of the brush sends the product all over the packaging.

Vitamin E Lipsticks (Php330 each) - Aaaah! Too giddy upon seeing four tubes of lipsticks from the brand. The quality of the lipsticks are superb in terms of pigmentation, staying power and formulation. Comparable to high end brands! Check out my product review on Kissmark

I got three shades, Red Wine (Satin), Kissmark (Matte) and Pinkish Nude (Satin). I got 2 tubes of Red Wine if you're wondering about the fourth shade.

Lip Therapy with Argan Oil - I am intrigued to experience the effect of Argan Oil on my lips. And oh, are you attracted with the its sophisticated packaging as much as I am?

Pop Shop Lipstick in Be my Baby - Hmm. I still haven't opened this one up to now. I'd probably give this one to my 3 year old inaanak, hehe. The size and design of this product makes it look like a toy! Cute!

Everything was sent by Sample Room as a prize for their Colour Collection Contest. Check out my entry here. Congratulations to the other winners as well! Thank you, Sample Room and Colour Collection! 

Have you tried anything from Colour Collection? What are your thoughts? Let me now by commenting down below. I would love to hear from you!

God bless!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Haul: Encara BB Cream, Glory of New York, BC Fragrances

As if attending Bing Castro's Meet and Greet is not enough awesomeness, take a look at these goodies I was able to bring home with! 20 days before the actual event, Bing held 20 days/20 winners giveaway wherein 20 participants get the chance to win each day by joining the game. I was one of the 20 lucky winners and I won lip products from Glory of New York. Aside from the 20/20 giveaway, there were still a lot of games during the meet and greet. It was raining beauty products that day. Now, let's go through each item quickly.

EnCara BB Cream 50g I've been looking forward to get my hands on with this product because of the great reviews I've read about it. EnCara BB cream is famous for its highly blendable shade with yellow undertones. Finally, a morena-friendly BB cream. Ha! :D

GNY Lipshine 30 ml I find this lip gloss quite interesting because unlike most glosses, this one is not entirely clear. It gives off a milky shade which difuses lip colors a bit.

BC Fragrance This one is inspired by DKNY's Fresh Blossom. Just timely because my current perfume is about to run out!

Iris/GNY Lip liners Hmm, something new to try out. I'm not a user of lip liners. I can't even remember of buying one. 

GNY/Iris Lipsticks Truly happy for these new lipsticks! I'm a lipstick person in case you do not know. (Majority of the reviews here in my blog are lipsticks)

I'll be posting product reviews soonest! Many thanks to Bing Castro and her generous sponsors! Check out Bing Castro's blog:

Have a great night!
God bless!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bing Castro's (The Project Awesome) Meet & Greet

A couple of days ago, Bing Castro of The Project Awesome had her first Meet and Greet at the Penthouse of Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong. I consider Bing as one of the best local beauty bloggers in town. Her talent in creative makeup is truly exceptional - precise but still doable. She also has a keen eye in affordable makeup products with good quality!

The program commenced with a short self-introduction. Bing has been in the beauty blogging industry for 2 years. She's currently taking up BS Psychology as her second degree. She's also a makeup artist and a good one, too! 

My beautiful seatmates for the day - Raych of The Beauty Move and Gina of Ginaholic.

I didn't really expect a full meal because the event was set at 1-6PM but look, look, great food! The venue was beautifully decorated with black and orange drapings as well if you have noticed from the first photo. It was really bongga!

Bing had a makeup demo, a much awaited part for me. I'll finally be able to witness The Project Awesome in flesh! Unlike other makeup demos I've witnessed in the past, hers was very detailed. Bing was able to explain why this and not that, if you get what I mean. She did the model's brows like magic! I also find her technique in combining two mascaras (lengthening+volumizing) particulary interesting. She has a post about it here
Gano ka-close?
Even if I've already been with Bing during the Pros for Props Makeup Workshop, I still can't help but admire her natural beauty and her flawless makeup application which explains the closeup photos. Sorry, Bing! I allowed my camera lens to do the zooming since I have a very poor vision. Kahit gano pa ka closeup, flawless makeup talaga! 

Displayed around the venue were Glory of New York Skincare products. GNY, an established cosmaceuticals and cosmetics brand manufactured in the US is one of Bing's major sponsors during the event. If you are an avid follower of Bing, you'll often see GNY products in her video tutorials.

The meet & greet wouldn't be complete without a picture with Bing, of course! She is towering at 5'10 plus about 2 inches of heels.

#Selfie with Colour Collection Kissmark on my lips.

Meet Kat Imperial, a fellow makeup junkie and a very pretty one, too!

With Jhessica Recto of MakeupYours

The meet and greet ended with a couple of games and lots of prizes. We were all so focused on winning the games hence the lack of photos. I really had a wonderful time! Thanks for hosting a really memorable meet and greet, Bing! I'll be posting about the prizes I got next!

Who is your favorite local beauty blogger?


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