Friday, October 26, 2012

The BDJ Box

What is BDJ Box?

BDJ Box is a monthly beauty product subscription service created to help women in their quest for the best beauty products.

Last Wednesday, I got my very own BDJ Box from the exclusive BDJ Box Event. 

The BDJ Power Planner 2013, 5 I'm Beautiful Like Me stickers and press kit were also given to everyone who attended the event. The press kit includes a booklet and a CD  that features what BDJ Box is all about.

My first reaction upon receiving the box is..."ang bigat!" It was heavier than I perceived it to be. Same reaction goes to my fellow beauty bloggers. I didn't open the box until I get home to prolong my excitement. Haha! 

 A cute little note that resembles a post card greet me upon opening the box. It says that this month's BDJ Box has "everything you need to renew, revitalize and reenergize - to take care of yourself." Parisian Pretty is  the theme of the box. It aims to bring out one's inner Parisienne - chic, elegant and classy, and effortlessly beautiful always. 

The contents of the box are listed at the back of the card.

Here it is!It is covered in a parchment paper which intensified my excitement even more!

It's totally packed with a lot of products. Siksik na siksik! Kaya naman pala ang bigat!

Here's everything. It's a lot and definitely more than what I expected of.

L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Daily Repairing Treatment, 50 ML
Fights the 5 signs of damaged hair and makes hair stronger, smoother and shinier.

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub, 50 ML
Clears skin imperfections and prevents dirt from further building up.

Syoss Anti-Dandruff Control Shampoo and Conditioner, both 100 ML
The perfect tandem designed to fight dandruff from the first application.

L'oreal Revitalift Intensive Night Repair Essence, 5 ML
Stimulates your skin's natural lifters and revives your skin's firmness and elasticity
L'oreal Lucent Magique Skin Illuminating BB Cream SPF20, 5ML
Instantly brightens skin and evens out your skin colour with its lightweight formula

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Toner, 50 ML
Provides skin with a healthy glow while preparing to absorb moisture.

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua, 1.2 ML
Crafted for the stylish and sophisticated woman, this modern scent is inspired by the ocean breeze

Garnier Skin Naturals Light  SPF17, 8 ML each (64 ML total)

Lastly, a brochure about some of L'oreal's products.

My thoughts:

The contents of the box definitely exceeded my expectations! I was expecting for products in sample sizes not 50-100ML products! The 480php subscription fee is totally worth it (I got mine for free). I have yet to find out the different prices of each product but I am confident that the products are worth 480php if not more than. 

The concept is well thought of as well. I appreciate the fact the people behind the BDJ Box came up with a theme. The products translated the theme, Parisian Pretty very well - looking best starts with "a healthy skin care routine, and with a hair care system for intense smoothness and shine, not to mention, a fantastic fragrance that lasts - for French Girls are never without a signature scent! I think every product will is a hit! No miss! 

I also like the flexible subscription options the product provides. Payment options can be postpaid or prepaid through different payment methods. They accept Gcash and bank deposits! So convenient! 1 month subscription is 480php which can be renewed monthly. Please visit their site for more details. (Link below!)

Every woman wants to look at their best. Indeed, it starts with a healthy skincare and hair care system. A fantastic fragrance is definitely a plus! But, the beauty products the market provides may be overwhelming to some. The overwhelming choices may be one of the reasons why a lot of girls skip skincare and hair care. 
Good thing there's BDJ Box now! BDJ Box is the answer for women who are in constant search for the beauty products!

Congratulations to the Beauty Ministry behind this wonderful product!

For more information visit BDJ Box.
Like the BDJ Box Community on Facebook for more updates. 

*Disclaimer: I got the product for free. I am not paid to make this post and my opinions are no way biased.


  1. I'm still waiting for my BDJ box to arrive. I hope it won't disappoint me. i also wish to receive the lucent magique BB cream from l'oreal. i wanted to purchase it but i still want to try it first.


    1. It wouldn't disappoint you! I'm pleased to get it because I've heard that it is a great product. I've swatched it at the back of my hand and I am impressed! I'll put up a review soon :)

  2. Wow! 480 is not bad! Thanks for sharing :)
    find it really interesting!

    1. It's really worth it! Check out their site now :)

  3. Hi Ms.Iya
    I tagged you to 10 Favorites makeup tag

  4. wow! I didn't know that BDJ also has a subscription box! I <3 BDJ! I always bought their planners! Thanks for sharing! :)



    1. Welcome! Visit their site if you wanna know more about the BDJ Box!

  5. It's better than the Saladbox! :) I might sign up for this one soon!

    The Misty Mom

  6. I thought its only a planner wuhoo.. I am now thinking where to subscribe on November.. Definitely not saladbox.. Options are glamourbox, sample room or this one! Thanks IYA! Told you I was waiting for this review from you. :)

    1. I'm excited to find out about other beauty boxes as well. Thanks Eyah!

  7. Wow, I wish I found out about that box before. I signed up for Saladbox and so far it hasn't impressed me yet. Thanks for this! :)

    1. I've seen a lot of posts about Saladbox. Hmm too sad! I hope they come up with something better for the next months!

    2. @iya Boto, So true! Kinda disappointing the sample looks cheap for me. Seriously, When I saw the reviews about it its like. "Ah yun na yun?"

  8. Replies
    1. I'll be sharing about the planner as well. Stay tuned!

  9. I seriously need the planner, I need a ton of organizing to do with schedules..



    My Suesh Giveaway ( open internationally too )

    Haul: Human Heart Nature,MissBellaPH, Beauty Bar, The Balm

  10. Hi iya! :) can I purchase the planner online? :)

    1. Yes! Go to You can pay through Gcash or band deposit. Then they'll ship your BDJ box straight to your home!

  11. I can't wait for the next month's box ♥


  12. I'm so excited to use the products! Nice meeting you at the event! Next time ulit :D

    1. I'm using some of the products already and I'm quite pleased so far.. It was nice meeting you as well! Yeah, next time ulit! See you around <3

  13. Alas! I am now thinking of subscribing to BDJ. Great review, fellow Iska! :)

  14. Aaaw, buti ka pa, you got a toner for the Yves Rocher. I got cleansing milk kasi. Although I really like it, may cooling effect upon applying to face, pero it would have been better if I also got the toner. If you've noticed yung sayo, complete package na sya for skin and hair care. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize. As well as the hair products. Shampoo, conditioner, and treatment.

    But still, all-in-all, no regrets for getting BDJ Box. :D

    1. I hope you could also share what's inside your BDJ Box! I'm quite surprised and impressed that they customize the contents of the box based on the quiz taken on their site.

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  15. Yves Rocher!:) I'm a little confused where to subscribe since it's raining boxes na in Philippines, but I think I found a winner already! :)

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

    1. I have no idea with other subscription boxes aside from BDJ and Salad Box. Let's find out soon! But yeah, BDJ surely impressed a lot of people! :)

  16. How many versions of the planner do they have now?:)


    1. I think the BDJ planner has four different covering (matte, leather, etc)

      You can check this to see the different versions they are offering

  17. I received mine last week and I love it!



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