Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review: Krave Minerale Satin Sheer Eyeshadow

Hey ladies! I'd like to share with you my review on Krave Minerale's Satin Sheer Eye Shadows. These were given to me as late birthday gift by Michelle of Micmic's Corner who I consider to be one of my friends here in blogosphere. Thank you so much sis! She sent samples of some products as well. Plus a sweet letter! She sells Krave products on her online shop, Caramel Sundae Online. 

She knew that I love playing with eye shadows. She let me choose two. I had a hard time choosing because the colors were really gorgeous. I wanted yellow, gold, white and purple. In the end, I picked these two lovely colors. They are housed in clear plastic containers with sifters. The container is of the same size as 5 peso coins.

Bubble Gum is a shimmery aquamarine shade while Matte Mocha is a matte chocolate brown shade. Both colors are very pretty! I am really happy with my choices especially with Matte Mocha because it's a very versatile color. Not only it can be used as an eye shadow but also as an eyebrow powder! I bet it can be used as a contour powder as well.

I was in awe at first swatch! I love the shimmer Bubble gum gives! Matte Mocha is oh so pigmented. no kidding! Perfect for smokey brown eye makeup! No primer needed!

I tested the staying power of the eye shadow by giving them a few tough wipes. Emphasis on TOUGH! I used a tissue in wiping them out. It was difficult to wipe them out without water or makeup remover. Impressing!

Now here's an FOTD using Matte Mocha. I created a brown smokey eye makeup for Chicadora's latest collection, Coffee to Cocktails.

What I like:

  • It's mineral! No harmful chemical contents for the skin. 
  • Pigmented. These two eye shadows have great pigmentation. Matte Mocha has better pigmentation over Bubble Gum which is expected because BG is shimmer while MM is matte. A little goes a long way!
  • Variety of colors available. Check out their eye shadows now! 
  • Affordable for 130php each. You'll get 1g for the price. A single jar will definitely last long because it they are really pigmented.
What I don't like:
  • Loose eye shadows can be really messy. They are prone to fall-outs.
  • Storage. Unlike pressed eye shadows which are housed in palettes, loose eye shadows are housed in separate containers which can be tricky when applying makeup. You have to open the jars one by one. Not travel-friendly.
  • The sticker label is starting to fade.

I love the pigmentation and lasting power of these eyeshadows. But I still prefer pressed eye shadows over loose eye shadows because of convenience. Making the jars stackable would be handy. I still want to try out other products from Krave! They're mineral! Good for the skin!

Do you own any products from Krave? What are your favorite Krave products?  Pressed eye shadow or loose eye shadow? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Where to get:

130php per jar at Caramel Sundae Online or Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals.

Good night! 


  1. awesome review girl! ^_^




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  2. i like the shimmery aquamarine shadow :-)

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  3. the pigmentation looks awesome. i've tried mineral makeup and have gotten used to the supposed-to-be fallouts :)

    1. The only downside of mineral makeups are the fallouts! But to think that it is mineral, keri na!

  4. I like the finish of Bubble Gum! That's my fave type of e/s finish. I tend to go for satin e/s more than matte ones because the matte ones I've tried are kinda sheer and weird. haha i can't explain it. But I am liking that Matte Mocha. True, it's a very usable color! Great picks, dear. And super belated happy birthday! :)

    1. Really? I still prefer matte e/s over shimmer and satin finishes. Thank you for sharing Aya! I love how Matte Mocha is so versatile!

    2. Maybe because I still haven't found matte ones that I really like. Haha

  5. I heard their products and the palettes looks interesting! I like those colors :)



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