Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Makeup Collaboration: Walking Dead (Scary Doll Theme)

Hey guys! This is the second theme of the Halloween Makeup Collaboration I participated in with Jannie of Jannieology, Eyah of Eyahnism and Mhisha of the Touch of Yellow. Our first theme was animals where I chose to be a black bunny. Read Halloween Makeup Collaboration: Black Bunny. Aren't makeup collabs fun?

Prior to the creation of this look, I watched several makeup tutorials on Youtube on how to create scary doll makeup looks. Makeup looks such as this is not really my expertise that is why I'm quite challenged at the same time excited to try out something new. Here is the outcome! I know, I still have to practice a lot. Look at my uneven brows! I covered my natural brows with concealer and foundation and drew higher brows.

I wanted to be a dead-looking doll hence the bloodshoot eyes, pale skin and heavily contoured cheeks. To make the look a little scarier and gruesome, I added blood! In case you are wondering how I made the blood, I just used a regular chocolate syrup and red food coloring. 

I had fun creating this look because it's like literally playing with makeup! I didn't have to be precise in makeup application. I just played with colors and used whatever I think would suit the look. 

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Did I scare you? Sorry for grossing you out! Let me hear your thoughts about this look!

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God bless!


  1. Yey! I love the blood trick! and yes you look like walking dead cast. :)

    1. Thanks Eyah! Haha may internalization pa yan. Chos! :)

  2. Awesome job. It looks scary, D:

  3. ee cute scary! superb kayo nila Jannie! <3

  4. Nice blog and great Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas . Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers and hugs,


  5. Good job! What a great makeup. Perfect for this coming Halloween 2013. I've been featuring some of the best halloween makeup ideas and I'd love to include this one if you will allow me to. Thanks!

    ~ Cristine



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