Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Exclusive BDJ Box Event

I felt so giddy and excited upon reading my email about the BDJ Box Event last week. I am truly honored and grateful to be invited to such event and get my hands on the BDJ Box! It's the first event I get to attend to as a blogger. 

It was held last October 24 at SLICE, Bonifacio High Street. My commute buddy for the day is Aya of CodenameAya. We were able to find SLICE easily even if we're both clueless about directions  all thanks to the accommodating security guards around the area. The event is exclusive to media and blogger friends only. 

We were served with Dips and Spreads for the appetizer, Seafood Puttanesca  for the main meal and the yummy Yema Cupcake for dessert! I would come back for the Yema Cupcake. It tastes so good!

After eating, Kat Dy, the Managing Director of the BDJ Box took charge in discussing what the BDJ Box is all about. The next thing I know, we were handed our own BDJ Box and I'm Beautiful Like Me Stickers!

Everyone was excited to open their boxes. I, however, chose to open mine at home. Read about my Unboxing Post!

The event also gave me a chance to meet fellow beauty bloggers! It's always nice to meet new people who have the same interests as you have. My buddies and chatmates for the day were Aya of CodenameAya, Melissa of ThePinkMargarita and Ayzee of Chilipina. I had a great time talking with these ladies!

With Tara Cabullo at rightmost side, the author of Chronicles of Vanity and the Editor of the BDJ Box.

With Ayzee and Gem of RareVanity.

With Melissa and Ayzee.

The four of us with Darlyn Ty, the President of Viviamo Inc. and the creator of the fabulous Belle de Jour Planners!

We were able to take home our own BDJ Box along with the 2013 BDJ planner!

I really had a great time at the BDJ Box Launch. Thank you so much and congratulations to the BDJ Team!
Find out what's inside the BDJ Box here.

Photo credits to:  Melissa Javier

Are you subscribed to any beauty box at the moment? What do you think of beauty boxes?

Visit BDJ Box now!


  1. Nice meeting you there! I just posted my unboxing post. Hahaha. I'm in love with the leatherette cover of the planner <3

    1. It was nice meeting you too, Aya! Hope to see you again in future events! :)

  2. You all look so beautiful!! ♥

    I just unboxed my BDJ box too!

    The Misty Mom



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