Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: WetnWild Megalast Lipstick in Dollhouse Pink & Just Peachy

I fell in love with the vibrancy and pigmentation the first time I tried WetnWild Megalast lipsticks. Color payoff is superb! I didn't let the opportunity pass when my sister's friend went to US for a visit. WnW lipsticks here in the Philippines are being sold for 299php (7.5 USD) at leading malls when they're only 100php (1.99 USD) in the US. I got these two for only 200php. Big savings! 

I had a difficult time choosing what colors to buy because there is a wide variety to choose from. I ended up getting Just Peachy and Dollhouse Pink. I don't have any color similar to these two from my lipstick collection yet.

Label: Have you noticed the improvement? I did! The earlier batches of WnW Megalast lipsticks only have number codes as labels. Finally, they have added the names at the bottom as well. No need to memorize numbers anymore!

Packaging: The cheap, not so sturdy packaging is the only thing I don't like about the lipstick. It has a clear cap that would not lock securely. Also, the lipstick bullet is sticking out that is why it is tough to put the cap back on. You have to be extra cautious! You don't want to ruin your lipstick, do you? 

I think the lipstick bullet is a bit longer than usual lipsticks. Impressive!

Stoplight Red, Dollhouse Pink, Just Peachy, Think Pink
Remember Stoplight Red and Think Pink? I already made a review about them here. They are sample sizes whereas Dollhouse Pink and Just Peachy are full-sized ones.

Just Peachy is the perfect peachy nude lipstick for me! Unlike other nude lipsticks which would not look good if not paired with smokey eyes, Just Peachy can be worn alone. If you want a nude lip color but hate looking washed out or sick, try this!

Dollhouse Pink is a cool-toned, Nicki-Minaj Pink that has purple undertones. It looks a bit purple in different lighting. I love how vibrant this lipstick is! I've read that it is a dupe for the famous Pink Nouveau of Mac.

Pigmentation, Formulation, Staying power:

Pigmentation is very good. A little goes a long way! However, the formula is a bit drying and can emphasize the lines of lips- the usual dilemma with matte lipsticks. Applying lip balm prior to lipstick application is recommended. Staying power is great at 4-5 hours without eating.

When worn

These lipsticks are great addition to my lipstick collection. I can't wait to get other colors!

What I like:

  • Superb pigmentation
  • Affordable price
  • Great staying power
  • Matte finish
  • Variety of colors available
What I don't like:
  • Packaging
  • Formulation is a bit drying
Despite the drying formulation and the cheap packaging, WetnWild Megalast lipsticks still belong to my list of favorites because the pigmentation is really, really good. I love how matte and vibrant it is!

Where to get:
299php at WetnWild Counters in SM Department Stores


  1. I love both colors, Grabeh sobrang mura lang siya sa us no dito x3.

    I love WnW lippies medyo naaddict nga ako sa knya nya eh.. I want to collect them :)

  2. I've always loved WNW lippies but the packaging... Hays. lol

  3. Lovely colors! What SM Dept. Store branch did you buy the Think Pink? The SA in Wet n Wild counters said they do not carry Think Pink, but only Natasha dealers. I want that shade desperately. Haha.


  4. such lovely colors,
    i sure wish there is a
    wetnwild counter in the dept store here.


    <3 keyti of brushesandpens

  5. loved the two shades! really pretty ^_~

  6. Both shades look so pretty on you. I have a ton of WnW lippies because of the great pigmentation and staying power but we have the same issue with the packaging. LOL.

  7. Planning to sell Wet N Wild a long time agooooooo. But I'm not sure of the quality. This helped a lot! Will be doing the business soon! ♥♥

  8. The Just Peachy looks amazing on you. :)

  9. Why does all lip colors look good on you?! :(( I bet Dollhouse Pink wont good on me. I've tried Just Peachy and I really loved the color. Except for the packaging. I threw mine away because it looks SO SO SO SO SO messy! Hope I can get mine again soon. You got pretty colors!

  10. great shades, I wanna try out Wet and Wild lipsticks :D

  11. I love the Dollhouse Pink. I think it's a bit lighter than my favorite Nyx Matte lipstick in shocking pink. I would want to have this though. :)

  12. been reading your blog since last year every time I check the feeds at Beauty bloggers United only to realize that I haven't followed you yet pala. :) Both colors really look nice on you. I am tempted to try out Just Peachy. Nice review! :)

  13. Both shades look good on you! I like Just Peachy; I use it as an alternative to my favorite MAC Satin Lipstick Snob from Kallony.

  14. Hi ms iya! For me, mas bagay sayo ung peachy! Your lips are so cute, very curvy!!! have you tried the wet and wild lip balm? I bought it at (, I'm using it for about a month. Is it okay if I follow you? hihi :") Thank you sis!



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