Monday, January 7, 2013

Travel: Year-Ender Trip at Tagaytay

The holidays and my first week at work made it impossible for me to catch up with blogging. I'm happy to be finally writing again! Please bear with me as I try to adjust with my new responsibilities. I only have the weekend to blog now, must use my time well! 

Just before the year 2012 ended, our family stayed over at Tagaytay to bond, relax and enjoy the holiday season. And this is what I will be sharing with you! We started the trip with an ocular at CCT Tagaytay, a great venue for conference, retreat or team-building activities. The dormitories reminded me a lot of the ones at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

We spent the afternoon enjoying the majestic view of Taal Lake and the breeze of the cool wind!

With little sister, and mom

The tripod I bought from CD-R King for only 250php came in handy for family pictures. Yes, 250php only!

Outfit of the day includes a corset from Chicadora, thrifted blazer and jejejeggings!

More pictures

Dinner time! We all agreed to have dinner at Mile Hi.

Burger, Pasta, Steak. What else do you expect from a diner? Yum yum!


We were all satisfied with our orders. Food is fairly priced at 150-300php. I definitely enjoyed my Mozarella-stuffed burger!

I am not a big fan of Starbucks but the one in Tagaytay is easily one of the nicest Starbucks I've visited. The second floor is an open area that is strategically situated for people to get a nice view of Taal. The best time to visit is night time because you'll make the most out of the cool temperature. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee in a cold place. Relaxing!

Family picture before leaving Mt. Tabor, where we stayed over for the night.


Before finally reaching Manila, we stopped over for a late lunch at Solenad 2, Nuvali. There were several food stalls there, the setup was Mercato-like.

Great food for very affordable prices! I had isaw and Ilocos empanada. Yum yum!

Tagaytay will always be one of my favorite places. It's the nearest and easiest escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Spending time with family is also a great way to end and start a new year.


  1. was here visiting sis :D you did enjoyed your vacation in Tagaytay! <3


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