Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner + Wingtip Tutorial

If you were to ask me what my favorite makeup product is, eyeliner would be the answer. Next to brow products and lipsticks, of course. The power of eyeliner in transforming one's look is definitely remarkable. I have confidence that eyeliner users would easily agree with me on this. It can define, accentuate or even change the shape of one's eyes. No need for plastic surgery, eh?

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner is one of the top three selling eyeliners in Japan. It is slowly becoming a favorite among the local beauty blogging community as well. The moment I tried it, I knew instantly what made it so famous. Read on and find out why!

Packaging and Price: Do not be misled by the simple, straight to the point and pen-like packaging of this eyeliner. Its superb performance makes up for its boring packaging. I find the eyeliner a bit expensive at 895php.

Micro-fiber fine brush tip: Its micro-fiber fine brush tip does provide superb control and ease in drawing. My shaky hands and poor eyesight could attest to that! I was not comfortable with liquid eyeliners before because I find them difficult to use. I thought achieving that precise wing tip required so much skill, I was wrong. Its fine tip makes eye-lining as easy as 1-2-3. 
Staying powder: Eyeliners do not stand a chance of staying the whole day on me because I often rub my eyes. Well, not with K-Palette. It lasts the whole day on me, without smudging, smearing or even fading. And yes, I still rub my eyes often. What I like about the eyeliner is even if it has a wonderful staying power, I could erase it with just soap and water unlike gel or pencil eyeliners which often requires makeup removers in order to be completely erased.

Wingtip tutorial: Here's a wingtip photo tutorial for you. This is how I achieve a sexy wingtip. Let the photo  do the talking! Failing on your first few attempts is normal. Getting the hang of eye lining requires effort and practice.

Makeup looks using the product:
Straight wingtip

Curved wingtip
What I like:

  • Lasts up to twelve hours or even more!
  • Can be easily removed with soap and water
  • Sweat-proof ad smudge-proof
  • Micro-fiber tip makes eye lining very easy
What I don't like:
  • Expensive
The raves about this eyeliner are truly well-deserved. It really has a superb quality. If you are looking for an eyeliner that could last the entire day but do not like the hassle of erasing it before bedtime, then this one is for you!

Where to get: 895php at K-Palette, Beauty Bar Stores

*Thanks to Ms. Shen who gave this to me along with other makeup goodies! Checkout my post here.

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  1. I have this too and I love it! ^_~

  2. wow ang mhal kasi so far ok naman sakin ang maybelline gel liner, hassle lng tlga na need pa ng separate brush :)

  3. Great Review! Cool blog!



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