Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bing Castro's (The Project Awesome) Meet & Greet

A couple of days ago, Bing Castro of The Project Awesome had her first Meet and Greet at the Penthouse of Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong. I consider Bing as one of the best local beauty bloggers in town. Her talent in creative makeup is truly exceptional - precise but still doable. She also has a keen eye in affordable makeup products with good quality!

The program commenced with a short self-introduction. Bing has been in the beauty blogging industry for 2 years. She's currently taking up BS Psychology as her second degree. She's also a makeup artist and a good one, too! 

My beautiful seatmates for the day - Raych of The Beauty Move and Gina of Ginaholic.

I didn't really expect a full meal because the event was set at 1-6PM but look, look, great food! The venue was beautifully decorated with black and orange drapings as well if you have noticed from the first photo. It was really bongga!

Bing had a makeup demo, a much awaited part for me. I'll finally be able to witness The Project Awesome in flesh! Unlike other makeup demos I've witnessed in the past, hers was very detailed. Bing was able to explain why this and not that, if you get what I mean. She did the model's brows like magic! I also find her technique in combining two mascaras (lengthening+volumizing) particulary interesting. She has a post about it here
Gano ka-close?
Even if I've already been with Bing during the Pros for Props Makeup Workshop, I still can't help but admire her natural beauty and her flawless makeup application which explains the closeup photos. Sorry, Bing! I allowed my camera lens to do the zooming since I have a very poor vision. Kahit gano pa ka closeup, flawless makeup talaga! 

Displayed around the venue were Glory of New York Skincare products. GNY, an established cosmaceuticals and cosmetics brand manufactured in the US is one of Bing's major sponsors during the event. If you are an avid follower of Bing, you'll often see GNY products in her video tutorials.

The meet & greet wouldn't be complete without a picture with Bing, of course! She is towering at 5'10 plus about 2 inches of heels.

#Selfie with Colour Collection Kissmark on my lips.

Meet Kat Imperial, a fellow makeup junkie and a very pretty one, too!

With Jhessica Recto of MakeupYours

The meet and greet ended with a couple of games and lots of prizes. We were all so focused on winning the games hence the lack of photos. I really had a wonderful time! Thanks for hosting a really memorable meet and greet, Bing! I'll be posting about the prizes I got next!

Who is your favorite local beauty blogger?


  1. Waaah! I enjoy this event so much! :)

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AMAZING POST ABOUT MY MEET AND GREET, IYA!!! See how happy I am? Caps locked talaga. Haha! Thank you so much for this great post and for all the kind words. :)


      You're welcome! Thanks for hosting a really wonderful meet and greet. Had a great time!

  3. So much happy time during the meet and greet of sis Bing noh? Hope to see you again the soonest! :*

    1. True! Hoping the same thing! Lets bond soon <3

  4. Aww, so sad I wasn't able to attend. I had a family reunion that day. But I was soo waiting for Bing's meet & greet ever since she announced it but ggrr..

  5. It's so sad that I wasn't able to attend Bing's meet and greet! It looks like you had lot of fun.

    Much Love,
    - Abby

    youtube.com/abby baby

    1. Aaw, too bad! Don't miss it next time, Thanks for dropping by Abby :)

  6. miss wala ka ba plan make up tutorial here in CEbu ?



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