Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Haul: Encara BB Cream, Glory of New York, BC Fragrances

As if attending Bing Castro's Meet and Greet is not enough awesomeness, take a look at these goodies I was able to bring home with! 20 days before the actual event, Bing held 20 days/20 winners giveaway wherein 20 participants get the chance to win each day by joining the game. I was one of the 20 lucky winners and I won lip products from Glory of New York. Aside from the 20/20 giveaway, there were still a lot of games during the meet and greet. It was raining beauty products that day. Now, let's go through each item quickly.

EnCara BB Cream 50g I've been looking forward to get my hands on with this product because of the great reviews I've read about it. EnCara BB cream is famous for its highly blendable shade with yellow undertones. Finally, a morena-friendly BB cream. Ha! :D

GNY Lipshine 30 ml I find this lip gloss quite interesting because unlike most glosses, this one is not entirely clear. It gives off a milky shade which difuses lip colors a bit.

BC Fragrance This one is inspired by DKNY's Fresh Blossom. Just timely because my current perfume is about to run out!

Iris/GNY Lip liners Hmm, something new to try out. I'm not a user of lip liners. I can't even remember of buying one. 

GNY/Iris Lipsticks Truly happy for these new lipsticks! I'm a lipstick person in case you do not know. (Majority of the reviews here in my blog are lipsticks)

I'll be posting product reviews soonest! Many thanks to Bing Castro and her generous sponsors! Check out Bing Castro's blog:

Have a great night!
God bless!


  1. great stuff, looking forward to the reviews :)

  2. Wow! Review of the lipsticks, please? :D

    BTW, congrats on winning pala sa Sample Room! :)

  3. Haven't tried the encara brand!
    I'll just wait for the review!
    I've been following you for a long time now!
    And happy to be one of your readers!

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  4. I want to try that BB cream! :) Great to know you had fun! Wish I had the chance to go!!

    CJ - FMWL

  5. That's one of the best BB Creams I've tried ♥ Thanks for sharing!

  6. hihi! I miss you na! I wish I was able to attend the meet and great.. Review on Encara Please!

  7. reviews pls.

    please do check out my giveaway here:


    am following your lovely blog
    through GFC and Bloglovin.


    keyti of brushesandpens

  8. Hi :) are those Iris lip liners still available here in the Philippines? If so, do you know where can I buy one? Thanks



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