Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to back! Leopard & Zebra Nails

I cannot swatch my OMG polishes just yet! My nails are still very short as of the moment. For the meantime, I'll just show you my leopard and zebra nails. I love making animal patterns on nails! They're so easy and fun to do.

For leopard nails, any light brown/beige polish would do. For this one, I used: base: Bobbie - Touch of Tan, spots: Caress Brown, black lining: black nail art pen

Leopard nails
Leopard nails
I was inspired by my comforter/blanket at that time, so there!! You can be playful with your leopard nails. You can use different backgrounds and different spots as well. Check out rebeccalikesnails for more creative designs. I love how she does her animal prints, really creative! :)

For zebra nails, any black and white polish would do. I used a striping brush to make the stripes. 

Zebra nails
I watermarked my photos! Hahaha!

My stripes in this mani were pointed and straight. I still need practice in making curved ones. Hmm, more animal designs to come as I am very fond of them! Rebecca makes good ones! I tried her gradient animal mani and I loved it. Will post it soon! That's all for now! 


  1. Cool.....Keep it up girl.....Sabay tayo practice.....ako forever yata ako beginner sa nail art.....hehhe

  2. Thanks! Ako din beginner! Haha. Im such a newbie :) Nail polishes are addicting!



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