Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let the blogging begin!

Excited to whatever lies ahead!
 Good evening! I have just finished customizing my blog. I altered it into a more generic one. In the past, I only blog about nail-related stuff but then I realized that I am also interested with fashion and beauty in general so why not blog about these stuff as well?

Plus, my interest with make up is growing and growing each day! I have been spending my spare hours reading blogs, watching makeup tutorials and the like. 

So here is my new blog! I am excited to share with you my ideas and experiences that relates to fashion and beauty. Blogging is indeed a great way of sharing your ideas to people who have the same passion as you are. :)

God bless!



  1. Hi Iya! (what a cute name!)
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog! your comment is really appreciated! I love it when new readers stumbled on my blog,lols, tho it is not really a good one, it somehow convinced you to follow it. Thanks! Oh, we're same! Hehe, love your nail-arts! Have a nice day! I followed you too.

  2. Hi Jenny! Thank you for following me :))

    For me, it's not about how good a blog is. I follow those whom I can relate with. And I find your blog interesting :>

  3. that's nice!
    in my case it was the opposite

    i started out as a beauty blogger then i find myself being fascinated more with nail arts. i know ill go back to beauty blogging too but for now i'll stick with what im enjoying now.

    hope to see lots of make-up looks,sweetie!

  4. Hi Thiamere! Oh, that's why! Ive been seeing lots of nail art from you and they're awesome. Ur so great at freehand! I don't know..I just gave up in nail art. Hihihi.

    Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it.



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