Thursday, July 12, 2012

Divisoria Haul

Hi guys! Two weeks ago, I went to Divisoria and I had a few but awesome purchases! I wouldn't make this long, here they are!

#1 Makeup brushes: I already blogged about this. Click here to see it. The set cost me 400php and the retractable kabuki brush is 90php.

#2 Denim blue sandals with laces: This one looks so chic! It is also available in gray and pink. I would have wanted a brown but there's none available. This is only 200php! Cheap, right? BUT they sell 2 pairs for only 350php, 50php off if I get another pair! So I got another one.

#3 Light brown buckled flats: A must have! Brown is such a staple color. Goes well with any outfit! I can wear this anywhere, very versatile. I just hope this is sturdy enough to endure long walks at school. 

#4 Camera necklace: I've been looking for the perfect camera necklace lately, and here, I found it! Only 35php/3pcs for 100php. Such a good find!

#5 Globe and binoculars necklace: I find this really cute! It symbolizes one my dreams in life - TO TRAVEL THE WORLD. Also speaks up about my course. Yes, I am a tourism student. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeheee. :''>

That's it! I only bought few items! I'm starting to practice self-discipline in buying items. I should buy only what's necessary and useful. But it is hard, isn't it?

Have a good day! God bless!



  1. Wow sis, nice haul! I really love the shoes ha! Ang mura naman, sad thing ang layo kasi ng Divisoria e. The brown flats with buckle you have looks the same with my Chelsea flats, you can check it here:

    1. Kamuka nga sis! Malayo rin samin ang Divisoria but the long trip is definitely worth the affordable items you can buy from Divi. You should visit Divi one time!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm really loving everything I got. :)

  3. I miss divisoriaaaa!! :(

    xx, Cynthia

    1. Divisoria is a really nice place to shop no? Thanks for dropping by my blog!



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