Monday, October 10, 2011

Stained glass

Good evening guys! I'd like to show you my stained glass mani. It was really supposed to be circles, I wanted to do Nailnerd's blue balls but then I got a little playful with the black outlines and so the end result. My two-way nail art pen is also to blame as it spurts out polish all of a sudden. I badly want a new one!

My pinky nails got the thickest outlines! However, I'm still happy with the end result. It looks nice from afar. Looks really wonky up close. So please, don't zoom :)

I tried it in 5 different colors - Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink so I can have different options. After a while, I decided for the green group to stay.

I will post the full nails with green stained glass design right after I publish this. Keep posted!

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