Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hearts ala Nailside

Nailside's one of the few blogs I always check for new designs. She's famous for her awesome tape manis. I really love her designs. They're simple yet really catchy. I admire the pictures of her manis too. Her finished work always look clean and nice. Just too perfect! :))

I was really into her cartoon hearts. They're so cute. She has a tutorial on cartoon hearts here. And so I made my own version.

Pardon the tip wear on my thumb! I used the same technique in creating the dots. I love how it turned out!
Thank you so much Jane for sharing your cartoon hearts tutorial! :)


  1. Hello Iya, thank you for the kind words, so sweet :-) I love how your version turned out! The pink and yello are so cheerful together, and the hearts look really awesome with the dots, so neat ^^

  2. Very pretty!!!! The color combination and the heart so cute and girly.....



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