Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Sister's Prenup Shoot + Meeting Ana Victorino

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and her boyfriend had their prenuptial shoot. She asked me to come so she would have someone to assist her during the shoot. When I knew that she got Ana Victorino's makeup services, I instantly agreed!

I kept a keen eye while Ana did my sister's makeup. She did a simple neutral eye makeup for the first look. 

She finished applying makeup in just a few minutes. So fast!

Some behind the scene shots taken by yours truly.

Look at all the mess!

The shoot lasted for two hours. While they were all busy, Ana & I had nothing to do but talk and eat. I asked her about makeup and blogging. From tips about blogging to her favorite beauty products. She willingly answered all my queries. Not the isang tanong, isang sagot type. She's so makwento! She also let me explore her makeup stash (pakialamera ang peg). I love her makeup brushes! Finally had the chance to get a feel of Sigma brushes. Oh diba, instant meet, greet and bond with one of the local makeup artists/beauty bloggers I look up to. 

AV is really approachable and kind. She willingly shared her knowledge about makeup and blogging. She's also very bubbly. Hehehe. I really admire her talent and skill in makeup application. So creative! Visit her blog. You'll be wowed by her makeup looks.

We headed to Moonleaf (ABS-CBN) after the shoot. On our way to Moonleaf, Ana kept telling me how good their french macarons are. I didn't know about it until then. Hmm, they tasted really good! I want more!

I ordered my favorite, Wintermelon Milk Tea (bestseller!), I think everyone of us had the same order. Satisfied tummy!

For more pictures, visit my sister's blog, The Happy Bride.

Who among the local beauty bloggers do you look up to? :)
Have a good night! God bless!


  1. Wow sosi nameet ng solo si Ana! Congrats to your Ate Ivy! Yeee super happy for her. Amazing experience you had! :)

  2. the macarons made me hungry! haha.. anyways, lovely pictures dear :)

  3. Wow! I'd love to meet Ana too! :) Lucky you! hehe. Congrats to your sister! :)

    1. She's even prettier in person! Okay, I'll tell her. Thank you!

  4. Wow you're so lucky! I want to meet her too someday :D


    1. You're a fan of Ana too? Pag nagmeet and greet sya, lets come!

  5. Girl babae po ako. Bakit "his boyfriend"? Akala mo ata bakla talaga ang lolah mo. Kalowka ka.... Ana wil do your makeup rin sa kasal ko. Ipon ka na.

  6. awwww... my brother also has that vintage camera! cute!



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