Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Krave HD Triplex Advanced Mineral Foundation

Every time I browse through Krave's Facebook page, I can't help but notice how customers express their satisfaction with Krave's products. Seeing positive feedback from a lot of people made me curious about how mineral makeup would benefit me. And so I got Krave's HD Triplex Advanced Mineral Foundation with Licorice Root and Japanese Green Tea. Phew! That was long!

Provides up to 90% in covering up blemishes while deeply repairing & enhancing the skin color. This contains Licorice root extract that has Glabridin & Glabrene that are incredible skin whitening agents. These are helpful in decreasing melanin and re-balancing the dermal cell & is a potent anti-oxidant which appears to be as powerful as natural Vitamin E. Combining it with Japanese Green tea’s catechin polyphenols & EGCG, another powerful anti-oxidant that helps to alleviate skin inflammation & reduces the production of acne.
Price and Packaging: A 6g worth of product is not bad for 499php. It looks small but it is tightly packed. Also, a little goes a long way that's why this will last for a quite a long time. The new packaging has its good and bad points.

The product is dispensed through a foam applicator. Good points: There's no need for a brush or separate applicator hence, application time may be shortened. The mirror at the top of the cap is a plus! Bad points: Using foam in applying foundation is unhygienic especially when doing retouches at the middle of the day as it can pick up and accumulate the dirt from your face. Also, some of the product may be put to waste because the foam absorbs it when used for application. I use my Beauty Cosmetics flat top kabuki brush in applying this foundation.

Coverage: I could attest to the product's claim of providing up to 90% coverage of acne blemishes and skin imperfections. Now that I am suffering from a mild breakout, I need a makeup base that could cover up my blemishes. The product I transferred in the cap (see picture below) is enough to provide a heavy coverage. Yes, that little amount is enough for my entire face. 

Look how a tiny amount covered a big area of my hand.

Now, brace yourselves ladies as I'll be showing you a closeup photo of my not so flawless cheek. I told you, I am suffering from an acne breakout of which reason I am still uncertain. My pimples were not completely covered but they're hardly noticeable from afar. Even my mole is slightly concealed. For a powder foundation, the coverage is really amazing. 

Ready for foundation day? 

Shades: There are five different shades to choose from - Macchiato, Cafe Melange, French Latte, Hazelnut and BanoffeeI got Hazelnut, the second to the darkest shade, which is still a bit light on my morena skin tone. 
Photo taken from Krave's FB page 
Formulation: The product claims to have whitening, anti-aging and pore refining capabilities. It is really more than just makeup. I think a week's usage is not enough to notice any dramatic skin improvements. The  whitening agents in Licorice extract is combined with Japanese Green Tea which is a powerful skin oxidant. 

Lasting power: Under a hot weather, the foundation can last up to 8 hours with minimal fading. It stayed longer than my San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation. Applying Krave's Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator is a great help in prolonging the lasting power. 

Hello ma! 

Thoughts: Coverage and lasting power are two things I like most about the product. I have not experienced the skin care benefits of the product because I stopped after a week's usage. Aside from the shade being lighter than my skin tone, I think I am allergic with mineral makeup. Not just with the product but mineral makeup in general. Anyway, I gave it to my mom. It is a perfect match to her skin tone. She didn't experience any allergic reactions from the product as well. 



  1. Wow, great coverage. Would love to give this one a try soon! :)

  2. Your mom is prettyy! :)))

    I haven't tried any Krave products yet... and their HD series looks really promising.

  3. next time arch precision naman for your eyebrows para perfect! =)

  4. Your mama is so cute! You two look alike.

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