Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Sleek I-Divine Storm Palette + Comparison with Urban Decay Naked Palette

*Warning: Photo-heavy post

I wanted to have a good quality eye palette with a set of versatile shades that I can bring around when I go out. Originally, I wanted to get Urban Decay Naked Palette but my student budget wouldn't allow me. So, I searched for possible dupes of UD Naked palette and came upon Sleek makeup palettes. After reading good reviews about the product, I finally gave in and bought Sleek i-Divine palette in Storm a month ago from Chic Cosmetics Manila at 650php.

I really admire the packaging! Very Sleek indeed! The matte finish of the eye palette makes it look classy. It's very sturdy too.

Ta-daaa! It comes with a huge mirror. I appreciate makeup palettes with big mirrors.  A dual ended foam applicator is included as well.

It has 12 gorgeous shades: 9 shimmer/metallic, 3 matte. It has matte black, matte brown and matte light brown, which I think are staples in an eye palette. The shimmer eye shadows are very nice as well! One can create several makeup looks from this palette! From day to evening looks!

Are you excited to read about my comparison between Sleek Storm and Urban Decay Naked Palette? Read on!

Packaging and price: UD Naked is sold for 2500 - 3000php while Sleek is only 650php. Sleek Storm is smaller in terms of thickness and size and has a matte black plastic packaging. I like how it closes securely, I don't have to worry about the palette opening inside my bag. UD Naked on the other hand, is famous for its velour and letters in gold leafing which chips off and fades over time. The velour finish of UD makes it prone to lint making it look dirty and old. In my opinion, UD palette is not travel-friendly because it's quite bulky and is likely to accumulate dirt. Also I find UD's magnetic closure unreliable as it might open up in your bag while traveling.

Both palettes have mirrors but it's more convenient to use Sleek because it's bigger compared to UD. While Sleek comes with a dual ended foam applicator, UD comes with Good Karma brush.

Eye Shadow Shades, Pigmentation, Application: 

Urban Decay Naked - has 12 neutral shades. From satin, shimmery to matte finishes. Every color from the palette is very pigmented, soft and buttery. It's like nothing I've ever had before! Blending is easy because the eye shadows are very soft and buttery. The palette is perfect for women who want to stay on the safe side when it comes to playing with eye shadow colors. Day and evening looks can be created using the palette.

Sleek iDivine Storm Palette - has 12 shades, a combination of neutral and dark shades with matte and shimmer finishes. The pigmentation is as great as UD's Naked, or even better. The swatches can tell how greatly pigmented the eye shadows from this palette are. However, I find Naked softer and more buttery compared to Sleek. In terms of color, Sleek has more dark shades while Naked has more neutral shades. I think more looks can be created from Sleek Storm palette. 

Dupes: Photo comparison of shades from Sleek and Urban Decay Naked that I find similar or close to each other. 

Since the eye shadows from Sleek Storm palette has no names, I numbered them from L-R, Top to Bottom in ascending order.

There you go! I find several shades from Sleek palette similar with Urban Decay Naked palette making Sleek Storm a good dupe for Naked!

 Let me now conclude my thoughts about the Sleek Storm Palette:

What I like:
  • Great dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette
  • Affordable for 650php compared to Naked at 2500-3000php
  • Great pigmentation
  • Staying power up to 4 hours without primer
  • The shades can create day to night makeup looks
  • Sturdy and sleek packaging

What I don't like:
  • Shimmer eye shadows are prone to fallouts 
  • Not available in leading department stores
Great pigmentation, colors, staying power and packaging. If you are looking for a good dupe of Urban Decay Naked Palette for an affordable price, Sleek Storm is definitely the one! 

Where to get:
650php at Chic Cosmetics Manila or Sleek Website.

*Thanks to Ate Ivy for lending me her UD Naked Palette


  1. the Sleek palette looks so similar to the UD Naked palette!! thanks for this post ate, I wanna try out the sleek one :D

    1. Sleek is worth trying. It is Affordable & has a good quality. You're welcome!

  2. Thanks for this post! I really would love to purchase the Sleek Palette.

    Excellent comparison! :)


  3. I really love you Iya! I've always wanted to buy UD Naked 1 but it's expensive (for me). I'll purchase this instead :) Thank you for introducing products like this Iya :) This is the reason why I always look forward to your comparisons and reviews :))


    1. Aww, that's heart warming! Thanks for being an avid reader. I truly appreciate it <3

  4. Wow, ndi ko napapansin na magkakulay sila ng UD till I read this :) Thanks! :)

  5. Grabe! I was gonna buy a ud naked then i saw ir post! Great job

  6. That palette is a steal Iya. Not bad for the price.

  7. Thanks for the comparison Iya!! I'm considering on getting the naked but the price is just beyond my budget but for this one I think I can insert this on my xmas list! great review Iya as always~ ^_~

  8. It's such a pretty palette! Since it's a dupe I guess I dont really need it :( since I already have Naked. I still want to try at least one of their palettes.

    1. You could try out their other palettes, they have bright set of eye shadows too!

  9. This is truly worth trying, Iya! Thanks for the post :)



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