Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is in the Air: Zen Zest Christmas Gift Sets

             There’s a bit of the jolly man in the red suit in all of us. No matter how hectic schedules are, no matter how hard times may be, we cannot forego handing out presents during Christmas. To make shopping for gifts as fun and convenient as giving them away, Zen Zest has put together various products and wrapped them in pretty packaging for the different people in your Christmas list.

            Your mom, aunt, or boss will surely appreciate a bottle of Room Fragrance in the scent of the season. A bottle of Christmas Spirit fills the air with the yummy goodness of cinnamon and berries while Winter Wonderland is heartwarming and nostalgic with its rich, spicy cinnamon and clove combination. A 250-ml bottle is priced at P250.00. If you can’t decide which of the two scents they would prefer, why not give a bit of both? A pair of 80-ml bottles of both scents goes for P99.00.

For your gal pals in the office, the 80-ml duo of Body Spray for Women will be perfect. For only P99.00, you can choose any two scents from the four available options which include the floral Pink Peony, the oriental Pink Tulip, the dainty Baby Powder and fruity Day Dream. An alternative to this can be the 80-ml bottle of Body Wash with Sponge gift set which retails for an affordable P75.00. Scent choices are Pink Tulip and Day Dream.

Your BFFs will be grateful for a box of Berry Blush and Pure Cotton Body Spray. The former’s rich scent is perfect for a boost of confidence while the latter’s gentle floral fragrance is ideal for slow, easy days. The 120-ml twosome for women is pocket-friendly at P120.

            For the men in your life, the Body Spray set is your best bet. For 99.00, you can choose any two 80-ml bottles from the four variants on the shelves. The selection includes the citrus Sport, the intense Extreme, the refreshing Active, and the cool Rush.

            Visit any of the Zen Zest branches nationwide for your one-stop shopping for the holidays.

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