Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Something I look forward to: Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013

I've always been dependent to planners in keeping track of my schedule and tasks that need to be done. Since high school, I always make sure that I have a yearly planner before January comes in. My go-to-brand would be Papemelroti. Oh, I remember the simplistic design, small squares and brown paper! The next thing I know, planners evolved and got better each year. 

Belle de Jour Power Planner seems to be taking the lead in creating planners especially tailored for the Pinay fashionista achiever. What's better than a planner that could fit your lifestyle? 

Belle de Jour Power Planner is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. The term Belle de Jour (bel duh zhoor) is French fashion lingo for "IT" girl, we have redefined it to mean the modern day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, while doing everything in great style.

It is really something I look forward to use for the following year. I want to use it exhaustively! It has amazing features: weekly layout features, monthly tools, wardrobe checklist, dream board, bills & cash flow tracker and more! I never thought planners could be this personalized. Ms. Darlyn Ty, the creative mind behind the planner must really know the needs of a woman!

Dream Board is one of my favorite features of the planner. With such feature, I'll always be reminded of my goals in life.

The BDJ Checklist is really fun to read. This is where you can get great ideas if you don't have a bucket list yet. I challenged myself to accomplish at least 50% of it. Some of the things that I'm looking forward to do are - have a breakfast on a mountain, eat something exotic & dance in the pouring rain! Wish me luck!

Weekly Layout Feature has a spacious area where your schedule can fit neatly. Now, I don't have to stick on post-its when I run out of space! Special boxes are provided below for extra notes - things to do, to buy lists, etc. The inspirational messages at the bottom of each page is a big plus!

Coupons! Here are some of the coupons I look forward to use.

I can't wait to visit browhaus to get my brows groomed! I haven't experienced professional brow grooming services yet. This is it!

Our family had an amazing time at Ace Water Spa two years ago because of my mom's BDJ planner. If you haven't tried the hydrotherapy massage, then you should! You can get your planner's worth just by this coupon alone. A hydrotherapy massage is 550php the last time I checked (BDJ planner is 598php). Imagine?! 

I'm so proud of the participating online stores!

That's just some of the coupons included in the planner. There's a lot more! I am really impressed with the features of the planner. I am excited to have a more organized, empowered and goal-oriented version of me!

Aside from planners, BDJ has beauty subscription boxes now! Read my post about The BDJ Box Event and The October BDJ Box

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  1. Replies
    1. Buy na! The coupons you're getting is worth more than the price of the planner. So sulit!

  2. Aww! You mentioned Papemelroti! I'm a big fan since gradeschool days! Good ol'days! ^^


    1. Me too! I always enjoy going through their items!

  3. Iya! I am planning to buy my 2013 BDJ planner na. I had BDJ Power Planner for 2012 and I've used lots of coupons :)

  4. I waaant! I was set on Starbucks planner but when I saw the coupons on this BDJ planner, oh w-o-w. Very kikay! :D

  5. Haha I used to buy those Papemelroti 'planners' too! I'm so excited to use my BDJ planner! :D

    1. A lot of people used to buy Papemelroti planners back then. Nauso talaga yun! Me too! It is my first time to use BDJ planner! :)

  6. I bought a BDJ planner as soon as they came out (excited ako anoh!?) and I'm sooo excited to use it come January!! :D

    My Beauty Blog

    1. Certified BDJ girl? Hehe. Me too as it is my first time to use a BDJ planner :)



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