Friday, August 3, 2012

Five Random Facts Tag

Hi lovelies! Michelle of All About Being Glam tagged me about five random facts! Thank you for tagging me Michelle! Feel free to visit her Random 5 Facts post, too! This is going to be my first  tag post. I am excited to do this! It is my second time to be tagged (Jenny of prettythrifty tagged me first but i haven't worked on that yet).

Now here are some five random facts about me! :)

I LOVE KIDS: I love playing with kids especially babies. They are soo cute and entertaining?! Hihihi. They bring me so much joy! (mother figure?!) In particular, I love playing with Caleb, my 2 year old cousin. I always sleep over their house because I enjoy playing with him so much.

I HAVE AN ONLINE CLOTHING SHOP: Aside from makeup and nail stuff, I'm passionate in dressing up too! Kikay much? (charaught) Together with my super friend, Kring, we came up with Chicadora. Visit and like Chicadora on  Facebook!

I AM A TOURISM STUDENT: ...and graduating! Now on my last semester at school. Yipee!

Proud Iskolar ng Bayan ang peg?!
I HAVE A VERY POOR VISION: Everything is blurred without my glasses on so forgive me if I don't recognize you immediately.
photo taken from Google Images

I HAVE NO SENSE OF DIRECTION: Ask my friends, they know it. I easily get lost. I get lost at UP and even at malls I frequent (SM North, SM Fairview, Trinoma). I get lost almost everywhere. That is why I should always have company. There was an instance when I was still living in Baguio that I missed my stop and almost went all the way down Kennon Rd.

photo taken from Google Images

Thanks again, Michelle for tagging me! I enjoyed doing this! Now it is my turn to tag five other people!
You guys are tagged!

Jenny of Pretty Thrifty
Maggie of A Beautiful Rhapsody
Chinchin of The Kikay Chronicles
Iyah of Stories of an Insecure Mess
Thiamere of On Beauty Stuff and What Else's

Thanks for reading!
God bless!



  1. yey1 thanks for doing this tag!! :)
    i love babies too!!! theyre sooo adorbs! :P


    1. You're welcome! :) Babies are like fun factories. Hehehe. :D

  2. Thank you for tagging me! This is my first one! :) I love babies and clothing too! Plus I have poor eye sight and no sense of direction as well. Maybe that's what "Iya's" are. Loool. :)

    Will do this asap. :)
    thanks again! :)

    1. REALLY? As in? Haha! well, that's cool!

      Link me your post too!
      You are welcome Iyah!

  3. I love babies too! they are such a joy to be with. Thank you for commenting on my blog, I am currently following your blog, it would be awesome if you followed back. I really enjoy reading blog from Pinay bloggers :)

    1. yes yes! I get excited every time babies are around! :D You are welcome!

      I followed you back! Thanks for the follow!

      It's surely enjoyable to read blogs!

  4. thanks for tagging me sis! I will make a post too soon :) Oh well congrats! You are on your last sem na pala! Ang galing you're a tourism student pala! Before mahina rin ako sa mga directions, I hate it when I go to a particular place na walang kasama pero ng mapunta ko dito sa current work ko, I can now go to a place like Trinoma, Centerpoint, Makati and LEgazpi Albay, on my own! hehe.

    1. YOu're welcome! Sorry for the late post. Thanks! Can't wait to graduate!! AKo up to now, mahina parin sa directions! Sana magimprove din ako like you!



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