Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Got Bitten by the Blog Bug

Happy Sunday evening everyone! How was your day? Another long weekend ahead! Yey! I'm here to share you my response to Nicole of Axons & Dendrites' Blog Bug Award/Tag. This blog tag/award aims to create a closer knit community of bloggers and readers from all around the country and the world! Don't you just love that? Before I further proceed, let me thank Nicole first for giving me this award! I really appreciate it! Thanks, Nicole! Read more about the Blog Bug Award on Nicole's post.

Now here are the rules once you are awarded/tagged:

  • If you are given the Blog Bug award, You must answer the questions that follow and the title of the post should be "I Got Bitten by the Blog Bug"
  • You must give the link of where you originally got this award, and you can tag as many bloggers as you want. Link their pages on the post and also inform them through comments in their blog. :)
  • Optional: You must post a banner corresponding to the site that you are using to blog in your sidebar and it should link back to your post about the Blog Bug Award.

Let's move on to the Q&A! :)

When and Why did you start blogging?

September 2011. Out of my love for nail art! I was so hooked to nail art last year and just couldn't keep it to myself! I felt like I had to share musings and ramblings on about nail art!

What do you love to blog about and why do you like it?

I love blogging about make up looks and products, nail art, fashion finds and all the kakikayan out there! 

How did you get your blog name?

Initially, my blog name was because I wanted to blog mainly about nail stuff but then I decided to blog about make up too so I turned it to something more generic, just my name. What could get more boring than that? How uncreative, huh?

What do you think is your best post yet?

Um, um, um. Is there any? You be the judge!

What is your inspiration for blogging at present?

Fellow beauty bloggers and of course, my readers! Every single comment is appreciated! A comment can make my day! 

Message for your readers:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my blog posts! 

And now, it is my turn to award/tag my fellow bloggers! I hereby award/tag you the BLOG BUG AWARD!! 

I wanted to add a few more but Nicole already awarded/tagged them. That's it! I hope you enjoyed this post! Again, thank you Nicole for this award/tag! 


  1. Thanks for doing the tag Iya! I really appreciate it! And as for your first blog title, I feel that you have defibitely nailed all kakikayan stuff... :)

    1. You're welcome! Hehe really? Thanks! :)

  2. wow thanks iya! will do this tag definitely :)

  3. Wow this will be my 3rd award! Thank you Iya! So happy that you included me! I think one of your best post is your FOTD! I really love how you do your eyeshadow. Parang we both started on the same month and year ah. Thou it became hard for me to have readers and followers. Pero ngayon worth it! At dahil yun sa inyo! Love yah girl!

    1. Yey! Congrats to you! <3 You truly deserve it! Thank you so much Jenny! Lets continue updating each other! Love you back!



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