Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: DollFace 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette

I finally laid my hands on DollFace 88 Eyeshadow Palette! Thanks to my sister who gave it to me as a birthday gift (Birthday Haul here). DollFace is a local makeup brand that sells quality makeup items for an affordable price. Visit Dollface here! You’ll enjoy browsing through their products, promise!

For those who have just entered the beauty blogging community like me, I recommend DollFace for you! DollFace is also used by known beauty bloggers like Noe Mae of Color is my Weapon (my girl crush!) and Ana Victorino. Check out their blogs for amaaaaaaazing looks using DollFace cosmetics.

Minimalist packaging. I love it!

Plastic packaging that has a shiny finish. Looks like a mini-laptop!

Color overload!!

Can you imagine how many looks could be created using this palette? Endless! I really love this palette! Each pan measures slightly smaller than a 25-centavo coin.

 There are several reviews out there about DollFace cosmetics. You can just Google it.  Swatching all 88 colors is tedious for me that's why I leave it up to DollFace. You can visit DollFace for the swatches.

I enjoyed taking pictures of it hence the photo overload. It is so beautiful to look at! I have created looks using this palette already. Will post them soon!

What I like about it:
  • Affordable price
  • Good color payoff! Use an eye primer to realize the true shade of the color
  • Almost all colors are pigmented especially the matte ones
  • Minimalist packaging. I love how sleek it is! Mine has a shiny finish, I would have preferred a matte one. I believe their other palettes are matte finish
  • Easy to blend
What I don’t like about it:

  •  Even if the packaging looks sleek, it isn’t sturdy
  • Shiny finish of the packaging is prone to scratches!
  • Some eye shadows are not very pigmented especially the shimmer and satin finishes. You need to pack on a lot of product to achieve the right shade!
  • Some eye shadows are too powdery. SOME.
  • Color duplication of some eye shadows or very minimal difference (like 1/2 shade lighter or darker or one in shimmer, other in matte)
  • Doesn't last long! Easily comes off when rubbed! 
  • Cannot be used on its own, for me. Use of primer or eye shadow base is a big necessity! Unless you are patient to pack on a lot of e/s on your eyes.

Rating: 8.5/10

Given the number of eye shadows and its affordable price, you can’t complain!  Almost all eye shadows have good color payoff! I’d still recommend you to have one! I love my DollFace palette! I'm planning to get the another set if I have money. I want some more dark e/s for smokey eyes. This set has too much bright colors in it.

Where to get?

My sister bought mine at The Ramp Crossings in Trinoma for 850php. You can order online. Visit DollFace cosmetics on their Multiply site. They also have Facebook. 

That’s it! Hope this post is helpful especially to newbies like me!

Have a great day!
God bless!


  1. I've been meaning to get this pallete because my ELF 100 color pallete doesn't have much of a good color pay-off :/ Great review! :)

    And oh, Noe Mae is my girl crush too. Haha! She's so pretty :))

    1. Really? I thought ELF 100 color palette has good color payoff! Hmm I joined their 100 color palette giveaway in FB. Just sharing!

      Yes she is super pretty and NICE!

  2. i have the 88 earth color one! i got it last year.. and its super old already hehe. i will make a review to it too! :)

  3. Cool I'm looking forward to seeing your new created looks :) I am also lusting for an affordable eyeshadow palette but I want it to be matte since I already have an all shimmer one :) great review!

    1. What's the brand of your eyeshadow shimmer palette?
      Go for DollFace! It's so affordable! :))

      Thank you! I will post of my new created looks soon! :)

    2. napanalunan ko siya, it's from ysh's botique...

  4. i love dollface cosmetics! now i feel bad i didn't get this palette! i got a glitter palette and the barenaked palette!

    great review! :)

    1. Mukhang mabenta din ang barenaked palette :)) I'm thinking of getting a set of darks next :)

      Wow, you have lotsa palettes! Do you have reviews on them too? Thank you!

  5. Very nice!! I also got a Dollface palette for my birthday yesterday. I live in Cebu, I got to go to the Dolled up studio and meet the owner Pearl :D it was such great experience, I know we'll enjoy the palettes to d max.

    1. Belated happy birthday! <3 Yay! Let's check each other's posts about the looks we will be creating using this palette.
      Wow! You're so lucky to meet her and see her studio! yes, indeed!

  6. hi. where can i buy dollface here in Q.c? is it available in any malls? thank

    1. Available in Trinoma at the Ramp Crossings! :))))

  7. I've been eyeing for this palette! :) Is this a mix of satin, matte and shimmer? I want a palette na may shimmer na rin :) and yung brushes that you bought from divisoria, is it smooth and okay lang ba gamitin? :)

    1. Yes it has a few shimmery eye shadows. You should go check their site for more choices of eye palettes! Hmm the one I bought in Divi is soft but not dense. I don't recommend it for purchase. if you want good quality brushes, try Beauty Cosmetics. I'm buying their 12pc synthetic set soon :)

  8. OMG!! this palette is looooooooove!:)



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