Thursday, August 9, 2012

The reason why I'm in a makeup ban & picture overload!

Hi guys! I just want to share with you the reason why I'm in a makeup ban. For the month of August (and unfortunately, for the following months), I've decided to stay away from buying make up!

But why?? Any ideas why?

Okay, I'll tell you. I banned myself from getting make up because I'm saving up for something big. I'm saving up for my own camera! I want to get quality shots of products and looks using my own camera. I've been using my parents' digital camera in taking photos for my blog posts. And and and sometimes, it's quite difficult to borrow from them. I borrow it too much kasi. Hehehe. I want to share quality photos with my readers! What's the point of having great products/looks without quality shots anyway? :)

Sometimes, I have unphotographed  looks because my mom won't allow me to borrow anymore. That's why  I just borrow my dad's Itouch to take pictures. Boo for low quality pictures! 

Here are some pictures taken using itouch! Too much vanity, eh?

Pale lips + Fake mole ang peg!

WetnWild Megalast Lipstick in Think Pink

I love putting turbans. Manghuhula ang peg? Char. These are my DIY turbans!

Baliw ang datingan ng lola mo!
With Tobby. The day we bought In2it lippies! Orange Peel and Pink  Alarm

Smokey eyes + nude lips!
NYX Round Lipstick in Orange Soda

I use PowerCam app in Itouch. Lotsa effects!

Hair is always a mess

Overly lined eyes and nude lips again! I parted my hair in the middle. Miranda Sings style!

LA Colors Frozen Berries on the lips!
 That's it! Wish me the best in saving money and keeping away from makeup stalls! Hihihi. I'm planning to get Sony Cybershot W650 which costs 6000php. I hope I can come up with that amount real soon :D

Hope you enjoyed this post! To those who are also in a makeup ban like me, good luck to us! We can do this!

Have a great day!
God bless!



  1. I used to always barrow a camera for my blogging so I know what you mean about borrowing too often.hehe. Go Iya! kaya mo yan, ul get your own cam soon :)

  2. I know how you feel. I've been borrowing my uncle's SLR which can get a little irritating for him since he needs it always because he's a photographer. Otherwise, I use the camera of my iPhone which is low quality :( I've been saving up for a camera as well, but it's so hard to resist make up :( Go Iya! You can do it. Goodluck <3

    1. Yes it's really hard! I almost failed last night! Almost! Hehehe. Thank you!

  3. Same here girl. I have to tighten my belt since I do not work anymore and concentrating on my studies. I guess it's not bad to ban ourselves from girly stuff at times just so we can buy something we really want. Tell me girl when you already have your new baby. :)

    1. Yes, yes! Agree! First things first :)) Okay, I will surely do! Thank you for dropping by my blog :D

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  5. I just followed you. This is my 2nd course and I'm on my last year :) Btw, I am scared that I might lost my pics and posts if I deleted the blogger app on my iphone. I'm doing my own research about it now. That was a real important reminder and thank you.



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