Sunday, August 12, 2012

Playing with makeup: Ever Bilena Advance 24 Color Eyeshadow Palette

Good evening ladies! A lot has happened lately hence the lack of post.  We were affected by the flood brought about by the heavy rains which persisted for several days! It was only knee level, not much damage. Nothing compared to how Typhoon Ondoy affected us. The Lord is truly good! No more rain! 

I was supposed to post this weeks ago but I was too lazy to do so. Last month, I did a makeup look for my cousin Chloe using my friend's (hello Kring!) EB palette. I don't have a picture of the palette. Glitteresque has a great review on it here

Here are the pictures! 

Chloe looked classy and mature in this picture (she's only 13 :p). My favorite! 

I used gold shimmery e/s over the lid and the inner corner of her eyes; Then I accentuated it by putting green/blue e/s on the outer v extending towards the middle of her eyelids.

On a different lighting. The EB palette really impressed me! It's so easy to apply and has great color payoff. I'm planning to get one myself. It's only 375php.

Now a picture with yours truly of course! I'm loving my deep red lip color! Thank you so much Chloe for modeling for me! :D I love practicing with other people's faces, makes me get out of my comfort zone. Models, anyone? Hihi.

Upon browsing these pictures, I remembered the eye makeup from the Wet n Wild flyer I got last week. It was almost similar with the look I created for Chloe. Here it is!

Am I right? Am I right? Heeeee. I had to get it out of the trash (basurera mode!). I already threw it when I realized the resemblance.

That's it for tonight! I created two more makeup looks for Chloe (using my Dollface palette!) to share with you. Stay posted as I post them this week!

Have a good night everyone!
God bless!



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